Bird Poop

I don't know if it was living in the US, where everything is over sized and packed for savings, or just becoming really broke as a single mother that motivated me to look at shopping in a different way than i used to when i was younger. I liked getting the family packages in the us supermarkets, because i knew that although the large package sells for more than the small ones, but if I separate them into many small packages at home, i'll actually end up getting more for my money. It became a custom to me to get the big packages of everything when i am shopping, and it took me a couple of years to realize that here, in Israel it just doesn't work. After paying more attention to the actual prices of the items I was getting I was surprised to learn that i am better off getting the small packages and get many of them, than just getting one big packages - and it is true for almost anything I checked so far. Not only that buying large doesn't save your money here, but even when you get those boxes or bottles that say "20% free" on them (as a marketing tool) the price of the item also goes up at the same time and you end up paying even more than you did before, or about the same, if you are lucky. So now I am more concerned about prices than I was before, and think twice before I spend my money.

For example, when I got here I was so used to having a washer and a dryer available that I couldn't imagine not having both. Than I thought that using the dryer must use up a lot of energy and if i don't allow the hot air to go outside, then all that hot air just stays in the room and I end up using the AC more often to cool the place. So I got rid of the dryer thinking I am saving money. Now I wash my clothes and dry them outside, on a laundry hanger stand. The problem is that since I live on the ground floor with no balcony, this stand is set up behind my building at the "green area", which is a small sand and weed square I used to have as a "back yard", when the door was still open in the back. Now, that the landlord changed this, I have to go around the building to get to this green area, which can no longer be looked at as my yard, but more like the building's "garden". It has a huge tree in the middle, weed growing in between the wild grass, because no one wants to pay for the maintenance, and anyone can just walk by there. Fortunately for me, being the old fashioned poor but simple neighborhood this is, by now every one know me here, and no one would touch my clothes. No one but the street cats who love sleeping on the top of the hanger stand, or the bugs that stuck on my clothes because for some reason they just think the are an active part of the nature around them.

But the wore is the bird poop that gets on my freshly washed laundry. It looks like these birds are having a jolly good time target shooting at my laundry, and have a good laugh about it too. Not only that I think they are doing this on purpose, but I am sure they get extra points for getting the white laundry, and some bonuses if it is a towel or underwear, which is the most annoying to fond bird poop on. It happens every time, and I am at a point by now where I am seriously questioning my method of savings when it comes to laundry. Cause to be honest, none of you would use a bird poop stained shirt, no matter how nice it smells, or how soft it is. So I have to use the stain cleaner, the laundry powder, the conditioner again, just to turn on yet another load of washing, which is either white or colored IF I WAS LUCKY! If not, it means two extra rounds, or of course, I can always just leave the pooped items for another week, and wash them with the upcoming load. But no matter how I look at it, those items are being washed twice,, therefore I am using more water and more electricity as well. So bird poop or not, I just don't feel that lucky. I mean, with the amount of bird poop I already had to clean out of my stuff I should be winning both the lottery and an oscar at the same time......

So I am thinking of getting a small dryer when I'll have the money for it. Mathematically I am still not sure if it is more cost effective, but it starts to appear that way. It is for sure saving a lot of time, and even if i am using a bit more electricity I probably make up for it by not having to use all the washing material and the water for the extra laundries I am forced to do due to all that dirt and poop my environment donates to my washing experiences. Not to mention, that now, that all the prices went up, I would probably have a god use of a nice air warming when I'd use the drier during the winter, instead of using the AC to heat the house. Also, winter time means daily cold rain and dirt in the "yard' here, in Israel, so the only place I can set up the hanging stand is inside my 38sq meter apartment, leaving no room for us to move around the little space me call our living room. So the comfort of the dryer is unquestionable.

I am also dreaming to have a small dishwasher, one that only uses like 5-7 liters of water, and not bigger than a half of a small washing machine. The only reason I think this is a money saving idea is because here, in Israel, we don't have the central water heating system, but each home has it's own water boiler that can hold up as much hot water as it's capacity is. Most of these heaters work both with sun adapters and electricity, which means that during the summer hot water is guaranteed, but during the winter we all use extra electricity to boil our water to get hot water. The same container is used for both your showering and your sinks at the same time. In this apartment we live in today, it is enough that I didn't do the dishes for a day or two and have a sink-full of dishes to clean and maybe one person can enjoy a hot shower before the water turns cold, and we are turning the electric water heater on. During the winter this becomes an even bigger problem, as the containers are set on the rooftops and standing in the cod, where the water gets colder faster, and the water heater is being used even more often. However, machines, like a washing machine or a dishwasher, do not use the same water the water heater containers hold, but heat up the water they use while in use. Naturally, this means extra electricity use as well, but I am not sure if this extra is more than what I already use for the extra water heating in the first place. Not to mention that in a small living area it is a huge space saver when you don't have to have a dryer stand for your dishes on the top of the already small kitchen sink. But of course, if you have a dishwasher, you would also have to spend money on the soap as well, and it is questionable if water really is being saved at all? Some ppl can soap up and scratch the food off the dishes before rinsing it all off, and save water that way, but in my case i use running water while I wash my dishes one by one, and only use that technique with the silver wear. So I am guessing that in my case a dishwasher might be a water saving tool if I use it right, like turning it on only if it is full after every couple of days only.

But to tell you the truth, one must do a lot of research about the electricity and water prices and the exact amounts of electricity and water being used and wasted with each action, to be able to tell if my speculations are correct. In the mean time I don't really have enough money to simply close my month, so buying new electric gadgets is just as realistic as the arrival of the messiah right now. But i can at least blog about it.....

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skald said over 3 years ago ...

Well it is once again 1.30 am here. I have read you and might have to answer better late. I used to have out side wash line. I love the smell of washing dried out side. Due to circumstances, I don't dry my laundry outside anymore. I don't have a dryer however. I only lately got a dishwasher, avery small one because my kitchen is so small. It is a counter one. It is very nice to have it and afar 36 years of hand washing, I like it. I can do others things mean while.

Well I think it is good that you do the research and good luck to you.

rollingc said over 3 years ago ...

Washing your dishes with the water running does not really save water and the dishwashers of today have a limited amount of water that they use for the whole cycle. If you wash your dishes say with a container that has soapy water and you use only that then of course you save water in the long run even counting the rinsing of said dishes.

Your washing machine can do the rinsing cycle twice or so to get the most humidity out of the clothes before you put them in the dryer, which uses more electricity than the spin cycle of the washing machine. I use baking soda and vinegar with my washing as it saves on the soap that I use to do a load (I use liquid soap and with the combination I mentioned only half of the measure so it lasts me a very long time) I also had a friend that lived in an apartment building that included the water and during cold days, in the morning, he'd turn the oven (gas that was included in the rent also) on and preheat the apartment that way. It worked for him.

Over here when a bird poops on your car people say @#$%!!& !

Although some say it's good luck and some say it's a sign that you'll be making money.


skald said over 3 years ago ...

Just wanted to add, I also like you always watched the price of things and buy the most price worthy. Good for you.

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