Did Romney create the largest tax increase in MA history?

"But his fundamental problem, so to speak, is the gulf between them and the base who reluctantly nominated him. The Romney team's decision to accept that the mandate is a penalty rather than a tax is yet another moment of excruciating positioning: because it's obvious why Romney won't call it a tax. It would mean he'd raised taxes in Massachusetts, in pioneering Obamacare on a state level." source

I love how all the republicans bitching about Obamacare and the supreme court ruling are happy to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to their Presidential candidate, who created a nearly identical healthcare plan in MA.

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sean_renaud said over 2 years ago ...

I'm more wondering when exactly is it going to dawn on them that Americans, including a majority of (in most states) registered Republicans since most states don't let independents vote in the primaries don't want this far right mentality. There's a reason why everybody who wasn't in denial was calling Romney as the winner way back when Trump was having his fun.

reckoner said over 2 years ago ...

i'm afraid it won't dawn on them until they nominate a santorum and then see him get crushed in the general election. If romney loses they will be convinced that it's because they didn't nominate a santorum.

d6fer said over 2 years ago ...

If we re-elect Barrack obama the law stands, and the other crap weve been subjected to continues...the division....the bad economic policy, etc.....if we elect Romney, there is a chance Obamacare will be repealed, and some real chances that we can fix the real problem and that is to bring down the cost of healthcare, not shift the burden from one person to another.

sean_renaud said over 2 years ago ...

The law should stand. It's not perfect but it's a step in the right direction. What bad economic policy?

You do realize there are only two, maybe three ways to bring down the cost of health care. Shift the burden from one person to another (which is probably the smartest and easiest way to go about it), price controls (which aren't a terrible idea if properly implemented) and three, start letting people die until supply and demand kicks in and hope like hell that it kicks in at a reasonable level.

d6fer said over 2 years ago ...

no, you make insurance companies compete across state lines, implement loser pays lawsuit laws, and give strong incentive to Health Savings Accounts to employers.

It costs nothing, the burden is left to the market.

reckoner said over 2 years ago ...

@d6, should emergency rooms be allowed to turn people away that can't pay?

sean_renaud said over 2 years ago ...

Insurance companies don't compete across state lines because you defend state rights. If you want to give up state rights, please raise your fuckin hand and join me. I've been on the bus for a quite a while.

Lose pays law suits will simply eliminate lawsuits. That is all that will be accomplished. In all likelihood doctors will get messy as hell cus they'll have less incentive to give a shit. There's actually a study suggesting doctors are under sued today. You never even answered my question on the subject because you know you wouldn't risk your family's welfare.

What incentive could you possibly give (especially with our low taxes and your desire to lower taxes) that wouldn't be giving away money?

Nothing is free and the market isn't magic. It simply isn't.

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