Progressives: Humanitarians?

Even though they have done a pretty good job convincing the masses that they(Progressives) are the humanitarians among us, their own words, actions, and history should prove that notion is completely false.

In fact, one action, one massive action should speak volumes to all who read this.

On January 1st, 1972, EPA Administrator William Ruckelshaus became the Hitler of our time, when against the will of the scientific community, he unilaterally banned the use of DDT to combat malaria, and hence sentenced 100's of millions to death, misery, and eternal poverty.

Here may be some insight as to why.

As recently as 2005, 500 million people around the world (approximately one-twelfth of the earth’s population) were contracting malaria on an annual basis; and each year, 2 to 3 million of them died as a result. Since the 1972 U.S. ban on DDT, more than 50 million people—about 90 percent of whom resided in sub-Saharan Africa, and most of whom were children younger than five—have died of malaria.

And here is the justification.

former (1969-1985) Sierra Club director Michael McCloskey said (in 1971) that his organization “wants a ban on pesticides, even in countries where DDT has kept malaria under control ... [because by] using DDT, we reduce mortality rates in underdeveloped countries without the consideration of how to support the increase in populations.”

In a similar spirit, Club of Rome director Alexander King wrote in 1990: “My chief quarrel with DDT in hindsight is that it greatly added to the population problem.”


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reckoner said about 2 years ago ...

I can't believe you compared someone who banned a toxic chemical to hitler. If anything, this post shows just how unhinged the right has become.

d6fer said about 2 years ago ...

Did he or did he not unilaterally ban DDT against the recommendations of the scientific community?

Did millions of people die from malaria as a result of these actions?

sean_renaud said about 2 years ago ...

So one bad call. We don't have rivers catching fire and you can't actually see the air in most US cities anymore either.

d6fer said about 2 years ago ...

bad call? 50 million dead?....mostly Africans under the age of 5....but of course they were all just "useless eaters" right sean?

sean_renaud said about 2 years ago ...

As an American. Yes, they were worthless eaters. If we gave two shits about those people there would be a drone with Kony's name on it, we would be spending money fixing up the continent and getting it stable enough that the concept of child armies would be something we tell in horror stories not something we ignore in the news because hey, it's Tuesday. Still 50 million dead over a well meaning bad call is something that unfortunatly happens. It sucks but it happens and will always happen. I don't blame the NRA for each and every death that the US supplied guns costs Mexico everyday even though we know where they get there guns. IT's an unfortunate side effect but these things happen.

I have this bad habit of assuming when someone says something they've got some facts. So I often don't bother searching. I'm having difficulty finding the EPA's juristiction in Africa. I am finding that scientists credit it with bringing the Bald Eagle back from the brink of extinction and that it's pretty bad for people.

d6fer said about 2 years ago ...

They had no jurisdiction in Africa....they simply made it impossible for companies to produce DDT for the most part....then the U.N. jumped on board and apparently they don't like black children either.

sean_renaud said about 2 years ago ...

Show me. According to wiki the UN jumped on board for a 2020 ban. but I'm not finding this claim of yours. Best I can find is a gradual phase out of indoor spraying because the science was suggesting that DDT was worse than the Malaria. Which I doubt it was but I'm not a doctor. I'm certainly not finding evidence that this was a lone whack job who went against the scientific community.

d6fer said about 2 years ago ...

The only "science" that was suggesting that, was that you could read in Rachael Carsons book silent spring.

sean_renaud said about 2 years ago ...


reckoner said about 2 years ago ...

Your argument is that someone banning DDT in america, while other countries were still able to make it, caused people to die in africa as a side effect, and that makes someone like hitler?

Are you serious?

grapekoolaid said about 2 years ago ...

Slow clap

And the humanitarian of the year award goes to...

The guy who would force women to give birth to unwanted children and then stop giving a shit about them once they're born.

d6fer said about 2 years ago ...

50 million dead african children can't be wrong

grapekoolaid said about 2 years ago ...

Yes they can.

Who gives a shit about African kids? Why do you care about them? Are you going to buy them like Madonna or Angelina Jolie? You must be loaded. Can I have some? You know us freeloading Democrats. Share the wealth. Oh wait. That's communism, innit?

You go breathe all the DDT you want. In fact, a nice cold glass of agent orange juice sounds about right for you, don't you think?

d6fer said about 2 years ago ...

There is absolutely no evidence that DDT is harmful.......unless you mean harmful to the agenda of the progressive movement, who just so happen to think the world is over populated.

reckoner said about 2 years ago ...

do you really believe that banning a pesticide is the same thing as putting jews in gas chambers?

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