Supreme Court Ruling- Obamacare

The U.S. Supreme court will likely give a ruling this week on the fate of Obamacare.

Do you believe that Obamacare will be found to be Constitutional in totality, in part, or unconstitutional in part or completely unconstitutional?

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d6fer said almost 3 years ago ...

It would be markedly better than what we currently have. It is the most affordable way to protect the majority of people....there will be some that fall through the cracks, just like any other system....but they will be few and far between.

reckoner said almost 3 years ago ...

You didn't answer any of the questions. As far as I can tell, your plan wouldn't fix any of the major problems with our system.

sean_renaud said almost 3 years ago ...

Who falls between the cracks with UHC aside from those too stupid to go in?

d6fer said almost 3 years ago ...

people who work for companies who get waivers.

d6fer said almost 3 years ago ...

Good article.

Any day now, the U.S. Supreme will rule on whether the Obamacare insurance mandate is constitutional. Seems like a no-brainer to me. How can forcing me to engage in commerce be constitutional?

But there's a deeper question: Why should government be involved in medicine at all? source

alienated said almost 3 years ago ...

Much of the current problem is caused by another problem: illegal immigrants. Liberals / Democrats / Socialists, in an effort to boost their voter rolls, do not want to enforce our immigration laws so thousands (millions?) of illegals can cross the border. Where do they end up when they are sick or injured? In the emergency room. Just take a trip to the emergency room and see who is there. I have been to an emergency room only a couple of times in my whole life (and I have been around for a while) and one of those times was with a family member who had a true emergency. Plus, insurance IS THE PROBLEM, not the solution. I just went to the doctor for a fairly simple problem and they billed my insurance more than $300. I saw the actual doctor maybe two or three minutes. Not to mention, I am still having the problem to a degree. I have done things after researching the problem myself on the internet. The doctor charged over $300 and actually did nothing to cure my problem. That has been the story the last several times I have been to the doctor -- big bills and no real solutions. I have gotten more relief from information I find for free on the internet. Anyway, insurance has caused a lot of the problems we are having now. Like that article says "Since state funding makes medical services seem free, demand increases". That is the same thing insurance has been doing. We all go to the doctor more than we should because we THINK insurance is going to pay for it all, even if they do not. And often that is the case. I paid a copay when I went in and evidently will have to pay another $50 plus because their bogus treatment was not covered. (I will be looking for another doctor, by the way.) And who knows what all is in the Obamacare bill? Even Nancy Pellosi admitted that she has not read it all. Who would? And who would understand it? It gives the federal too much power over us and even taxes new home sales. WTF is that all about? Why on earth would you want to give the black hole that is the federal government that much power over you? If most of this is what the Conservatives want, why are you so for it? That sounds bogus to me, but I do not care who came up with it. The Federal government should not be able to tell me to buy anything. That IS a slippery slope whether you recognize one when you see it or not. This is all a matter of wanting one thing and getting another. People like Hitler were notorious for offering one thing and delivering another. We need to learn from history or we are destined to repeat it. Obama is an evil man because he wants to grow the federal government to a monsterous size in order to force people to do what HE thinks is right. Even if everything he believes is right (which it is not), he should still not have that power.

sean_renaud said almost 3 years ago ...

Seriously. Learn to use paragraphs. That human waste is difficult to read.

reckoner said almost 3 years ago ...


"How can forcing me to engage in commerce be constitutional?"

Haven't you seen sean mention how the founding fathers forced people to engage in commerce and they wrote the constitution. So I'm assuming they thought it was constitutional, how about you?

d6fer said almost 3 years ago ...

refresh my memory

alienated said almost 3 years ago ...

Obamacare is the perfect example of "my party ... right or wrong". Both of these guys know that Obamacare is wrong and that there is no such thing as something for nothing. Obamacare is also the perfect example of Liberals / Democrats / Socialists trying to convince the helpless and the clueless that they can make "rich" people pay their way. Not only does that create a nation of worthless people, it is just never going to happen. Those who make more in this nation are already paying the vast majority of the taxes that are paid in. Obamacare tacks on a tax to anyone buying a house. Last time I looked, everyone buys houses, so that will be taxing them, not rich people. That is the way it works. It is all a big shell game. They want to force young people to buy insurance that they would not normally buy because they really do not need it yet, but then their contrabutions will pay for others and force them into servitude just as Social Security and Medicare / Medicaid makes them dependent on the state to supply their needs instead of them saving for themselves or providing for themselves. Plus, insurance inflates everything (try to deny that) and frivilous lawsuits (similar to the spilling of hot coffee lawsuit), which are supported by Liberals / Democrats / Socialists, also contribute to higher medical costs. It is a vicious cycle fueled by the stupidity of the Left all because they want an ever expanding Federal government. They want big government to take care of them (give them something for nothing) and they want big government to force everyone else to do it their way. The EPA is a perfect example of that. What a pile of crap that has become. And, for that matter, name a federal government agency that has not become a steaming pile of crap, especially under a Marxist like Obama. I think I once heard someone say that a government big enough to give you everything is a government that is big enough to take everything you have. Boy, is that one coming on us fast. ANYONE BUT OBAMA. ANYONE BUT A DEMOCRAT.

alienated said almost 3 years ago ...

And seriously. Learn to read.

d6fer said almost 3 years ago ...

alienated, the 1st rule of Democrat politics is to stay on message regardless of the truth......They probably got a media matters handbook and it's on the 1st page.

Secondly there is the Clinton rule: It is not a lie if you believe it.

reckoner said almost 3 years ago ...

Universal healthcare is working better than our system in many countries.

Romney believed so too

sean_renaud said almost 3 years ago ...

You wanna know the difference between honesty and dishonesty dear reader? Here it is plain as day.

The government can make mandates. or at least George mother fucking Washington thought so and the other Founders didn't argue. At least so far as we can tell.

97% of Americans aren't effected by the housing tax. but ALIENated liar that he is would have you thinking this was applicable to the average citizen. which it simply is not.

Insurance inflates everything is another blatant blatant lie. Has auto insurance driven up the cost of auto-repair? Has housing insurance driven up the price flat screen televisions? Boat insurance? Have security systems driven up the cost of jewelry? Of course not. That's not how it works.

As for agency that aren't crap. Please, we just had a massive oil spill a few years ago because the EPA is too small to do it's job effectively.

d6fer said almost 3 years ago ...

Did the EPA stop the spill?

Can they actually prevent one?

Here is what the EPA gave the world!

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