A Right Peculiar Dream

About five hours ago I woke from a rather strange dream. It went something like this:

I was attending a high-school football game where my son David was the quarterback. At first I noticed nothing particularly odd, except that the head coach was not on the sidelines. Our team was leading going into the half by a touchdown (which I suppose in itself might be considered odd, as our team was seldom leading going into the half) Sometime after the second half kickoff the coach arrives at the game, but instead of going directly to the sidelines to resume his coaching responsibilities he came into the stands to sit next to me. We didn't speak.

After our defense held the opposing team to no gain our offencive team took the field. It was then that the coach noticed that my son was not wearing traditional football gear, specifically his shoes. Instead he was wearing knee-high combat style boots with mud cleats. I had not noticed his footwear prior to that point. The coach, quite naturally was quite agitated about the footwear and went to the sidelines to remove David from the game for violation of league equipment guidelines.

The resulting turmoil ended up with the assistant coach running into the stands to show me a new league ruling that specifically authorized the use of knee-high combat style boots so long as they were fitted with mud cleats. Why he felt the need to show this document to me I have no clue, as the ruckus was on the field and by then both sidelines. Eventually the visiting coach approached our coach, once again brandishing a copy of the same missive from the league. None of this mattered to the coach however, as he refused to get his head around the rules change and besides he had not received the memo.

The visiting coach simply wanted to get on with the game, as there were no rules violations and he was determined to win the game the old fashioned way, that is to stick our teams collective faces in the mud at mid field. He was afraid that the officials would call the game and since there were no violations our team would win by default.

Eventually the uproar spread to the stands on both sides and fans began rushing the field. That resulted in the officials calling the game and telling both coaches to reschedule the game so that the second half could be replayed in its entirety. Both coaches agreed and the disgruntled fans began leaving.

Now, this dream was very wrong on several counts.

First of all, David never played football, in fact he detested the sport to the extent that he wouldn't even attend games when his older brother played.

Second, this particular coach never to my knowledge coached football, in fact he had been my baseball coach in high school and freely admitted that he had no working knowledge of football.

Third, the coach was no longer at the high-school by the time my sons began playing sports. He had long since left teaching to take a position as a manager in the minors.

Fourth, to my knowledge, at no point has any interscholastic sports league made a ruling allowing knee-high combat style boots with or without cleats to be used by any player on the field of play.

I chuckle as I write this, but I find such dreams quite annoying. At least my imagination could come up with something a tad closer to reality.

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skald said over 3 years ago ...

Yes, this was a strange dream.

hegemone said over 3 years ago ...

That is one heck of a dream! I ca never tell if I prefer the dreams that are closer to reality, or the ones that aren't and at least make sense that they don't make sense.

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