liberal media, yeah right

"It was hard to find visitors to the clinic who would not benefit directly from the law. Barbara Hickey, 54, is a diabetic who lost her insurance five years ago when her husband was injured at his job making fiberglass pipes. She gets discounted diabetic medication from a charity, but came to the clinic to ask a doctor about blood in her urine.

Under the law, she would qualify for Medicaid. Her eyebrows shot up as the law was described to her. "If they put that law into effect, a lot of people won't need disability," she said. "A lot of people go onto disability because they can't afford health insurance."

Tom Boughan, 58, came to the clinic for glasses and dental work, with a sci-fi novel to pass the time. He's been without coverage since being laid off from his industrial painting job last year, which means he's paying $400 every few months for blood work for a thyroid problem."

"This piece was supposed to run on the front page of the Washington Post. They turned it down on the grounds that it was too supportive of Obamacare. It's worth remembering before we all go into a Beltway frenzy about SCOTUS and the ACA - that this issue affects people's lives in the most graphic and direct way imaginable. It becomes the difference between living with chronic illnesses or being healthy. It can be the difference between a short life and a long one."


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sean_renaud said almost 2 years ago ...


alienated said almost 2 years ago ...

It becomes the difference between living in a nanny socialist communist state and a free nation where government cannot tell you what to buy. Sure it has advantages, but so would handing out gold bars to everyone. Where do the gold bars come from? Hmmm?

reckoner said almost 2 years ago ...

there are countries that adhere to your philosophy alien. Afghanistan is one of them.

sean_renaud said almost 2 years ago ...

We covered this in banking explained ALIENated. The gold bars are just place keepers. The true measure of money is the measure of human ingenuity and production.

alienated said almost 2 years ago ...

That sounds like Liberal double talk. Where do the gold bars come from? You cannot pay for healthcare with "place holders". Drug induced Liberalism. What a time we live in.

sean_renaud said almost 2 years ago ...

Yes you can pay for healthcare with place holders. That's exactly what we do today. Or do have you figured out how my explanation of banking is wrong?

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