How lies spread

This is a great look at how a recent falsehood was taken as true, and then spread throughout the media. read it here

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alienated said about 2 years ago ...

I must say, I have to agree with this one, the conclusion. "If aerial inspection of open fields and waters by manned aircraft is a reasonable search, as defined by the Supreme Court, why isn't unmanned aerial surveillance equally permissible?"

Of course, your goal is to make all Conservatives look like idiots when we all know that a few Conservatives are idiots and all Liberals are idiots. 

I also agree with another thing he said ...

3) The dangerous reliance of many, many young people on the Daily Show as a source of information.

Why anyone would put any stock in anything Jon Stewart says is beyond me.

reckoner said about 2 years ago ...

because he has far more integrity than fox news who ran this story without fact checking it.

alienated said about 2 years ago ...

Jon Stewart IS A COMEDIAN and not even a funny comedian. FOX news is more often right than wrong, which I cannot say about most of the others (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN). You are falling for a much bigger lie every day that you listen to them. FOX at least tries to just report the news. Look at what NBC did on the Martin / Zimmerman deal, making up lies, doctoring recordings. Where was your outrage there? I really do not put that much stock in any of them. Nothing they say really affects me or you. It is like surfing the internet. I believe very little of it anymore. There was probably never a time that the news media could be totally trusted. EVERYONE has an agenda. It is just that most of them have a Liberal agenda these days. FOX has no agenda, which makes it stand out and seem Conservative. But a word of advice, do not make any bets on what any of them say. One bad apple does not really spoil the whole barrel. It just makes you realize that you need to inspect the other apples before you swallow them.

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