Ray Bradbury dead at the age of 91...

RIP Ray Bradbury...

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feather said almost 2 years ago ...


grapekoolaid said almost 2 years ago ...

He was a native to Waukegan Illinois, which is where I went to school. In his book "Dandelion Wine", he talks about a park where he collected dandelions. This is the same park that I used to play football with my friends. We were all of us severely outclassed by the locals that played with us, but we still had fun nonetheless. I broke my nose in that park. I still remember the stream of blood coming out of my nose, onto the white field of snow, steam rising from the puddle...

It was just a tip fracture. I got it stitched up and I was fine. That wasn't anywhere near the worst injury I suffered at that park.

He will be missed... Oh well... At least I'll always have those stories...

feather said almost 2 years ago ...

Something Wicked This Way Comes was one of my favorites. Hopefully his death will spark a reading revival, but I won't hold my breath. Nothing against Whitney Houston, but it's sad that her death was such a big deal and his was barely a blip on the radar. Come to think of it Sendak didn't warrant much coverage either.

grapekoolaid said almost 2 years ago ...

Yep. Something Wicked and the Martian Chronicles are both great books. Not to mention Fahrenheit 451, which is a classic that every school children should read. (Do they read that book in school still? I had to when I was in Jr. High)

Yep. Maurice Sendak is with the wild things now.

The commotion over the death of Houston vs. Bradbury does say something about out culture as a whole, doesn't it? I'm afraid what is being said is nothing flattering. One of the things that it says to me is that the culture has become trivial. I find that to be a little sad.

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