By: reckoner

A White Terrorist Is A 'Troubled Loner.' Unarmed Black Kids Are 'Thugs'

Why does the media use loaded language in crime stories?

By: Sean Renaud

To your IMF question I have no idea and research yields little usable information. Which probably means it’s just Republican noise. Like it’s been over a year, Russia and China have not abandoned the dollar yet.

It’s been 7 years of Obama, where is this runaway inflation?

It’s been 3 years from Romney I’m filling up and I don’t know about your neck of the woods but gas is not and never did hit five bucks a gallon

I was wrong about Keystone (I expected it to go through without much fanfare on some random Thursday) but Obama certainly didn’t save it for a rainy day to bolster the troops.

Where are your accurate predictions?

By: Sean Renaud

He’s not one loonytoon you understand that right? That this stuff happens fairly frequently. This is the fault of the whole anti-abortion crowd. At least as much as Paris is the fault of muslims. When you come to their defense I’ll accept that you actually want rational discussions. Until then ta ta on that front.

I look forward to your comedy video. It should be entertaining. It might be nice if your side was consistent.

By: reckoner

Here’s the timeline of events

The group released highly edited videos that are edited to mislead.

Republicans make a bunch of false claims based on the edited videos.

The group released the unedited videos which debunks the republican claims, but they keep making them, now dishonestly claiming that they are from unedited videos.

By: reckoner

The shorter video cuts nearly eight minutes out in the middle of a conversation about money where Nucatola makes clear that PPFA only accepts payment to cover legal reimbursement costs for what she repeatedly characterized as “tissue donation” in the transcript.


By: reckoner

“Several Republican presidential candidates have claimed that Planned Parenthood is “profiting” from abortions. But the full, unedited video they cite as evidence shows a Planned Parenthood executive repeatedly saying its clinics want to cover their costs, not make money, when donating fetal tissue from abortions for scientific research.”


By: reckoner

The videos were heavily edited

By: Godzilla

Coming soon to a theater near you! I can’t wait!

By: Godzilla

Fake videos Reckoner? She disqualified her statement with that accusation. Everyone knows they were real, lengthy and unedited. That guy was a deranged nut. Funny how you remain silent through all of the nutball left wing shooters, and when all of a sudden you get one looneytoon that shoots up a planned parenthood, and you want to tie it to the whole anti abortion crowd.

By: Godzilla

What happens the IMF add the Chinese Yuan to the Special Drawing Rights Basket of Currencies?