By: Godzilla

Coming soon to a theater near you! I can’t wait!

By: Godzilla

Fake videos Reckoner? She disqualified her statement with that accusation. Everyone knows they were real, lengthy and unedited. That guy was a deranged nut. Funny how you remain silent through all of the nutball left wing shooters, and when all of a sudden you get one looneytoon that shoots up a planned parenthood, and you want to tie it to the whole anti abortion crowd.

By: Godzilla

What happens the IMF add the Chinese Yuan to the Special Drawing Rights Basket of Currencies?

By: reckoner

Abortion Rights Leader Nails Hypocrisy Of Anti-Abortion Activists

You can't promote violence and then act surprised when it really happens.

By: Sean Renaud

When that is the best group of lies you can come with it’s obvious she’s a good candidate.

And who’s the alternative? BERNIE “GODDAMN” SANDERS at this point the Republicans are in a sufficient destructive loop that Bernie could actually beat THEM if he could get past Hillary. (Well assuming the pundits ar wrong. Cruz/Rubio would probably handily beat him. But Bernie v Trump? Get the popcorn it’ll be a slobberknocker but we know the winner of that bout in advance.)

Hillary is the leader we deserve but not the one most of us want.

By: truthserum

Godzilla she gets my vote because she is the sharpest tool in the shed and that’s spotting your guys 10 points.

By: reckoner

@d6 who is the alternative?

By: reckoner

‘No more baby parts,’ suspect in attack at Colo. Planned Parenthood clinic told official

Man’s comment could escalate rhetoric surrounding abortion.

By: Godzilla

How could anyone with a shred of integrity vote for this person?

By: reckoner