Obama has slowed government growth more than all recent Presidents

"Remember that Romney has promised to slash all taxes, and massively increase defense spending. Well: you do the math. But if you want another spending binge, just look at the first chart. It explains why a fiscal conservative like me has a hard time backing Republicans. Either they have completely switched their core DNA, or they're bullshitters. And the only way to prove they're not bullshitters is to show us the precise math: how deep must Medicare and Medicaid and core government services be cut to afford more defense spending and more tax cuts?" source

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alienated said over 2 years ago ...

This is laughable. I might believe that chart if the numbers were followed by "billion" until it gets to Obama, and then it switches to "trillion". Who are you trying to kid? Yourself? Keep trying. And does it really matter. Reagan will always be 100 times the president Obama is. Always. No matter how many bogus charts you drag out of who knows where.

grapekoolaid said over 2 years ago ...

Alienated doesn't believe in charts of numbers or facts. Incontrovertible evidence doesn't mean a damn thing to him. He knows that the end of the world is coming because the Bible told him so. That's proof enough for him.

Just so you know though, Alien. The Bible is a hypothesis. Evolution is a theory.

alienated said over 2 years ago ...

Just so you know, I pay little attention to morans, especially Liberal morans. If you knew anything about the Bible, you would know that even Jesus did not know when the end was coming, but He said we could know when we were close based on a certain set of signs, and we are there bub. I just hope I get to sit in the gallery while all you atheist morans are trying to explain to God what you were thinking (or not thinking). And most charts are right, if you agree with them. Anyone with a brain knows that Obama is not doing a tenth of the job as president as Reagan did. He pulled this country out of the mess Carter made. Obama is taking us back into that mess. Blame Bush all you want, but things were going fine until the Democrats took over congress in early 2007. Things have been going to shit ever since. Where is your chart for that? Obama designed Obamacare so that it does not kick in, in full, until his (supposed) second term. If we all know what is good for us, we will kick is ass out and get rid of that pile of crap before it destroys our country and our way of life. I would rather hear Liberals bellyache about not giving it a chance than finding out how bad things can get for us all if it is allowed to stand.

alienated said over 2 years ago ...

Oh, and I guess Liberals believe charts like this if they think we have spent 600 trillion on the war in Iraq.

grapekoolaid said over 2 years ago ...

Here you go. More facts you can ignore.

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