a 1'' porterhouse steak.

going to havea go at cooking a porterhouse steak for dinner,no this will not be a skinny steak i bought a porterhouse slab a couple of days ago on special and have just cut it into steaks ..the skinny ass sort, and i also cut some about 1'' thick am going to cook big ones for din din this is going to be a first and i'm not even going to have vegies or a salad just meat,maybe some mushrooms ,well i'm heading out to the kitchen to get into action ,wish me luck .


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wombat said about 3 years ago ...

Sounds so good! We cook our steaks with onions cut up in the skillet. Maybe throw some steak fries in the oven or a potato in the microwave. As long as I have some steak sauce I am happy. I am hungry now, thanks to you! Enjoy!

bluegum said about 3 years ago ...

Wombie i have to tell you it turned out a beauty ,i did it under the grill because thats the way i don't have to wash up anything ,just open the grill and put a piece of aluminum foil down and put the steaks on top and when finished toss the foil in the bin. To cook a steak 1'' thick is quite different to one about 1/2'' thick ,Kinny couldn't eat all of her's because we realised a little late that steaks 1'' thick are nearly double the portion we were used to , Kinny gave it a tick so that nice.

What are steak fries ?? ,are they a potato chip or something. Blue.

wombat said about 3 years ago ...

Bless the inventor of aluminum foil! Glad your steak turned out great. If you had leftovers, maybe you could cut them up and use them in some skillet dish.

Steak fries are nothing more than thick cut french fries. We buy them frozen in a bag. Guess they call them that because they go so well with steak.

grapekoolaid said about 3 years ago ...

Man an inch thick porterhouse... I wanna come over to your house for dinner. I'd polish off that porterhouse clean.

Do you do anything special to the meat? Like your own marinade or something? Or do you just go with the old standard salt and pepper? Even though I like spices and sauces and marinades and all that, sometimes (especially a cut of meat like a porterhouse) a little salt and pepper is all you need. Savor the flavor of the meat itself, you know?

Other times, I'm perfectly happy with just a bottle of A-1, too. Some mushrooms and onions on top? Yum.

bluegum said about 3 years ago ...

It's funny you should say what you just said about spices and marinades, because sometimes i like to do my meat like that, but it can just seem to be overdone that way too ,i'v learnt that too much can easily spoil the taste i'm looking for.

This thickness porterhouse took longer to cook then i had imagined and i cooked it at mediem high for about 8 minutes on both sides ,it came out mediem as i wanted it but then i let it sit under the grill for about 2 minutes resting with the grill off ,it was just meat and mushrooms and salt and pepper. It came out great and i'll try and repeat my sucess another time as this was the first time i have cooked 1'' thick steaks .

Howes that Sweet potato pie coming along ???? is it going to be sweet to taste like a apple pie or what???

grapekoolaid said about 3 years ago ...

No pie yet. I did wrap them in foil and toss them on the grill last weekend, though. Turned out great! I will bake a pie with them one day soon. When I do, you'll see pictures of the funky pie. I was going to do a whole photo series of this dinner I had the other week, but it was so good, we ate it all before we could take the pictures. Oops. :)

I will write about the meal and the overall weekend soon, though. It will make your mouth water, I guarantee it.

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