Is Austerity Dead.

Seems like the Greeks have said enough is enough.

The French have joined in and the new President wants to renegotiate the fiscal pact with Germany/Europe.

Also the Brits have flogged the Tories for austerity measures that now have them in a double dip recession. Hell they even voted for an 18 year old school girl rather than vote Tory.

Could it be that it's just the Euro that's dead

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alienated said about 3 years ago ...

They are all listening to Socialist mumbo jumbo, like the mumbo jumbo Obama blathered in 2008 and is continuing to blather in spite of the fact that about a fifth of all Americans are unemployed. No one wants to tighten their belts. I will be the first to admit that I do not want to tighten mine either. And we might not have to, here, if we would drill for our own oil and stop sending all our money to places that end up using that money against us. The bottom line is that we live in a really strange world right now, and I think it is for a reason. Maybe we have to hit bottom every now and again (like we did in the Great Depression and World War II) before we wake up and smell the coffee. The other thing is that extremism does not work, being too far to the right or too far to the left. Too far to the left and you get Nazi Germany or Communist Russia. Too far to the right and you get Islam or the KKK. My theory is that we are selling ourselves out over homosexuality and abortion. These two issues are dividing the country and notice that they are both something the devil would think up, which is pretty slick on his part. Neither issue has a good solution because there is no end to either. If you allow homosexuals to act openly then they want homosexual marrige. If you allow homosexual marriage, there would just be something else after that. That is the way sin works. Abortion is the same way. It has just gotten worse and worse. If that goes unchallenged, we end up abortioning our five year olds on a bonfire the way they did hundreds of years ago. Never fear. As I heard someone say long ago ... anytime a society grows its hair long and throws caution to the wind, there will be a group of skinheads that comes along and beats them back. That is a paraphrase, but you get the idea. Some think the Tea Party is that group, but they look like cub scouts compared to what I am talking about. I fear one extreme as much as I fear the other.

superbozo said about 3 years ago ...

What the hell has abortion or homosexualality got to do with government budgets. your comment is all mumbo jumbo and no substance.

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