pinterest spammer tells his secrets

Think about this, his goal, only goal, was to make a profit and he made a lot. Did he add any value to the world? This is why anyone who says that society should be based primarily on the profit motive is wrong.

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starchini said about 2 years ago ...

UGH! Hearing about this sort of thing pisses me off sooooo badly!

(Why didn't I think of this? And why don't I know how to do this?!)

reckoner said about 2 years ago ...

because you think capitalism is about providing people a value in exchange for their money. That can work, but it's hard to do. It's far easier to trick people.

starchini said about 2 years ago ...

no, thats just the only way I know how to make money...and I don't get how its spam? I mean, technically its spam but his pins are no different than the other pins, only he makes money off his pins. It doesn't mean his provide the people less value, it just means he is smarter than everyone else. I consider spam to be advertisements posted in a forum they are not welcome. But thats what pinterest is designed for, peoples advertisements or neat things....

reckoner said about 2 years ago ...

he's not doing the pinning manually. He has a bunch of different fake user accounts and he users a program to create pins at very high volumes. That sounds like spam to me.

starchini said about 2 years ago ...

Yes, but the Spam is in the form of pins, just like the rest of the pins, people read them and liked them and comment and share them. People couldn't tell the difference from his pin and the pin about the personalized door knocker insignia with clitter cupcakes. In your article he had followers and people liking and sharing his bots. So the only thing that really makes it spam was that he didn't genuinly want to share his brownie recipe with the world, he only did it by robot for money. If he wasn't making money, his pins would be no different than anyone elses pins.

starchini said about 2 years ago ...

tehehe, Glitter, not clitter. ah thats a funny word.

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