Obama Failed Trayvon And Failed America

So in following the Trayvon Martin case I have a message to black people. You have some grit underneath your fingernails that needs to be cleaned out and disposed of, they are called Jesse & Al. When are black people going to tell these race baiting losers to grow up and get a life.

Trayvon Martin is a horrible tragedy that is under investigation. We don't know if it was a hate crime or anything to do with race. From the outset when looking at the pictures of Martin and Zimmerman I found it far-fetched this 17 year kid posed enough of a threat for the use of deadly force. At the same time now we have a witness that said the kid was the aggressor and Zimmerman ended up with a broken nose a gash on the back of his head.

There are a lot of questions and a lot of things to get worked out. Enter Obama fanning the race flames once again. All this does for me is tell me Obama is the worse President in American history and probably an even worse leader. This ideologue, if he was even half the man or even half the leader he would have put Jesse and Al to sleep from the moment this happened. What do we have now? The black panther party, a group of terrorists pretty much standing with Obama and Jesse & Al itching for more riots.

Yet another test Obama has completely failed. Trayvon Martin is a tragedy, not because he is black, but because he went home far to early. That is what we should be in despair over, not because of some stupid racism or invented injustice by media whores.

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sean_renaud said over 2 years ago ...

They get arrested more because they are black. It's sad but simple. We know whites don't get searched as much if by nothing else by simple math. Enough people do weed and other recreational drugs that the numbers should roughly reflect the same percentages as our society as a whole. There isn't anything stopping blacks for being prejudice against other blacks by the way.

A man with a heart condition was killed because his heart monitor went off.

I guess it's too much trouble to use your eyes instead of trusting a caller?

It can even happen in a mall!

This kid was naked, it was two on one. If your local cops are so pathetic that in a two on one situation they can fear for their lives get better cops.

That's just looking at death by cop. I could go and bring all kinds of stuff. I love how people like talking about the advancement of white people as somehow the equivalent of NAACP. Non-whites are not on equal standing in this country and should be organizing to get on equal standing. It's not remotely the same. This is the same crazy logic that (and notice it only happens with non-whites) that Black History Month is somehow dividing this country. Or my favorite one is Cinco De Mayo is apparently the worst thing in history. It only divides us because racist people get pissy that for one day we drink and listen to salsa. Notice that there is no such fight against St. Patricks day. We alll throw on something Green and go out and get a drink. Nobody shows up to Saint Patrick's day and get praised for showing what a racist fuckwit they can be On St. Patricks day. Sure the kids had a right to do what they did, but that doesn't mean they weren't being just dicks.

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outlander commented about 8 hours ago on
How can we ever show respect?
If your personal identity is not American they fucking save it an go away. I spend 9 hours a day working side by side with two black people who are very decent human beings. Racism is an excuse race hustlers like you use because you don't have the read the rest
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I have never said anything about exterminating a religion I was talking about ISIS which a lot of Muslims have condemned. And what should Israel do when a terrorist state starts raining missiles down on their read the rest
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Do YOU even know what the fuck you are talking read the rest
outlander commented about 9 hours ago on
How can we ever show respect?
Your personal identity is American and has anyone ever said killing blacks is ok, you make zero sense. Of course I am a racist because every white person is thats what "you people" thrive on. The big problem is there are countless honest people of read the rest
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outlander commented about 10 hours ago on
How can we ever show respect?
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outlander commented about 11 hours ago on
How can we ever show respect?
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outlander commented about 12 hours ago on
How can we ever show respect?
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How can we ever show respect?
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