On the US soldier that killed the Afghan Civilians...

I was thinking about this story and there was something about the coverage of the story that didn't quite sit well with me. I was trying to figure out what it was when I encountered this article.

"Here’s a summary of the Western media discussion of what motivated U.S. Staff Sgt. Robert Bales to allegedly kill 16 Afghans, including 9 children: he was drunk, he was experiencing financial stress, he was passed over for a promotion, he had a traumatic brain injury, he had marital problems, he suffered from the stresses of four tours of duty, he “saw his buddy’s leg blown off the day before the massacre,” etc.

Here’s a summary of the Western media discussion of what motivates Muslims to kill Americans: they are primitive, fanatically religious, hateful Terrorists.

Even when Muslims who engage in such acts toward Americans clearly and repeatedly explain that they did it in response to American acts of domination, aggression, violence and civilian-killing in their countries, and even when the violence is confined to soldiers who are part of a foreign army that has invaded and occupied their country, the only cognizable motive is one of primitive, hateful evil. It is an act of Evil Terrorism, and that is all there is to say about it."

Full article here.

I know that it's in our nature to cover for our own and demonize our enemies, but something about this article gets to an itch that I can't quite seem to scratch. Something about it leaves me uncomfortable and it should leave many thinking Americans with the same discomfort.

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beyondtheveil said over 3 years ago ...

In trying to understand history, I found the best single way was to read biographies. Through a biography one can stand in their shoes, look around and see and feel how things were. Now, I'm not saying in order to understand the article you need to read bios, I'm saying how many people take the time to stand in the other's shoes, look around and see and feel what's happening?

sean_renaud said over 3 years ago ...

The thing you're having a hard time with I think is that you don't really buy this. There are Americans who try to step into the enemies shoes. They're called liberals and they're demonized as hating America and wanting us to lose the war. Those are the people who speak out against Isreal when Isreal blatantly goes outside the lines and who think we should be having diplomatic talks with anybody on the planet. Up to an including whomever is currently in charge of Al Qaeda. If that guy for whatever reason made contact that it's at least worth our time to hear what he has to say before having the drone fire. The mere statement that some of this problem we (or more accurately Europe, America didn't have a lot to do with what happened following the fall of the Ottoman Empire) brought on ourselves isn't even something discussed openly. Look at one of the Right's main complaints about Obama. He apologizes for past mistakes. According to "Real" Americans that's now how we roll. We never do, or did anything wrong at any point past or present. That's why we demonize this specific group.

However most of the terrorist attacks are not done by people who had a break with reality. They do know what they are doing. We need to start looking at it like they have a gripe and then start working towards a solution.

Our guy did have a break. Something snapped and we know this isn't the norm, nor is the US Army an organization whose sole purpose is to find and hurt Afghanis. Terrorist attacks by terrorists are an inherently different act than this.

grapekoolaid said over 3 years ago ...

No doubt Militant Islam have a political agenda. It's rather simplistic for anyone to think that they "lash out" because they hate our "freedom". It's just plain stupid.

grapekoolaid said over 3 years ago ...

There you go. The Right has spoken (with class) once again.

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