Obamacare ... See Miserable Failures

We start out talking about something like Obamacare and then these conversations seem to wander around until they slide off into a familar, well worn rut. We cannot figure out what to do with illegal immigrants showing up at the emergency room so we have to have Obamacare. Is that about right?

Come on. What is it with the Liberal / Democrat / Socialist Party and a scorched earth approach? If we do not do this, then millions of kids are going to starve or go without healthcare or blah blah blah. If we do not fund abortion clinics (like Planned Abortionhood), then women will not get healthcare, blah blah blah.

Is anyone buying these tired old arguments anymore? Turds like FDR and LBJ, and now Obama, would rather create wildly expensive and barely legal government programs to "protect" people than to come up with real solutions. Government should help The People, not change their diapers and burp them. We do not need a nanny state. We need leaders with vision, leaders who can solve problems, not create a mountain of new problems, which is what Obamacare is going to do. 

We have these massive Socialist programs (Social Security and Medicare) that are miserable failures and what do numbskulls like Obama do? They create yet another massive Socialist program that is destined to be the most miserable failure ever. It is strange that Obama stands up and blithers about trickle down economics not working when he expects us to believe that the government is going to be able to pay for Obamacare by taxing the rich more. 

Maybe I can put this in terms everyone will understand. If you were the kid in the fraternity house with rich parents, and everyone kept expecting you to always buy the beer or pick up the tab at the restaurant, how long would you stay in that fraternity? Well, that is probably not a good example because the taxpayers are more like the rich parents, not the kid in college. Rich people are not going to pick up the tab for long either. Like Apple Computer, they will pick up their toys and move somewhere that respects them and their money more. (It is ironic that all you Libs love Apple so much and they have literally made billions thanks to slave shops in China and places like that.) 

With idiots like Obama in charge, that will happen sooner and more often than ever. Of course, that makes sense. Obama wants helpless, jobless automatons who need to be taken care of by his Socialist state.

One thing does please me. This soon-to-be disaster has taken on the name "Obamacare", which will assure that we all remember who brought it about. Oh, some of the Liberal / Democrat / Socialists try to call it by its real name (whatever that is), but that is not sticking. Too bad we do not call other L / D / S failures by their creator's name ... like FDRsecurity or LBJcare (there have to be better names that would remind us of the knucklehead that thought them up). 

You have to give L / D / Ss credit. They keep coming up with programs that are miserable failures and then they somehow figure out a way of creating another miserable failure program and convincing their helpless, jobless automatons to support it ... and keep electing them so they can further mess up all of our lives. 

Thank you Mr. Obama. You must be brilliant to pull off such a deceptive piece of work. The real question is: why? Why would you want to do that? Reagan showed us how to be prosperous and it worked for 25 years, until the L / D / S took back congress and started off with the biggest bang of all ... Obamacare. 

But we will have the last laugh. Like Abraham Lincoln's assassination, only one man's name will be linked to the event in most people's mind even though others had a hand in it. Obama, like John Wilkes Booth, will be the single name associated with the most miserable Liberal / Democrat / Socialist failure of them all -- OBAMAcare. 

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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alienated said about 2 years ago ...

Hmmm. Guess I stunned everyone into silence. I love the sound of crickets in the morning. ha ha ha ha ha

feather said about 2 years ago ...

You always make me laugh out loud alien. The green poodle made me smile for days and I almost fell out of bed when you wrote the FDR and LBJ were turds.

sean_renaud said about 2 years ago ...

There was just nothing to say about something this silly. It's not like you ever post counter points or bring anything remotely resembling facts into a conversation. You just bring the same tired lies and deceit and ignore anything that contradicts your points. I could go point by point through this if I felt like it.

alienated said about 2 years ago ...

I know you think you could because, as I started out saying, we go through the same tired lies and deceit about emergency rooms and all that crap. We would not have to make those kinds of decisions if we would actually guard our borders, if we would do a little profiling and send illegals out of the country before they end up in the emergency room from their wounds they inflict on each other. We would not have a disintegrating, under funded school system if we would do the right thing and keep them on the other side of the border.

sean_renaud said about 2 years ago ...

Fine fine. I'll address your silliness just because frankly I'm bored.

(1) Nobody(in the middle or left) really cares about illegals one way or the other. There are people who like you are upset we care for illegals and people who care that legal citizens might die because for whatever reason they didn't have proper ID on them, or the EMTs couldn't find proper ID at the time of emergency. I don't for example carry my wallet if I'm not driving or expecting to pay for anything.

There are also varying degrees of people thinking human life is sacred. I know you're with me and human life is no more important than a peice of paper to wipe my ass. But a lot of people think your right to survive a heart attack, cancer, diabetes or the flu (not to mention gun shots or car accidents) is more important than if you have money in your bank account or paid for insurance. We already HAVE Universal Health Care. We just go about in a way that costs us more than any other western nation because rather than maintenance we insist on only fixing emergencies. It's stupid and short sighted. But like I 've said before go get yourself a candidate who will stand tall and declare that if you can't afford medicine you don't deserve to live and I'll vote, I'll even do you the favor of moving to my home state of Ohio where my vote will make a difference instead of California where I may as well vote for Neo for all the difference it makes.

(2) It's not a scorched earth policy. It's a reality obstacle. We already have hungry people, nobody really starving to death but we've got hungry kids and people dying from stupid shit we refuse to fix because it isn't economic. Any step to the right of where we are will directly lead to the things that are being claimed.

Planned Parent hood prevents more abortions via birth control than it causes period. You've seen the stats over and over again. Calling them an abortion mill is like calling the US military a suicide factory. It makes you a liar.

(3) Medicare and Social Security are both succesful programs and everybody knows it. They are so sucessful that even the Tea Party, which is as radically right as you can get in this nation even with a lobotomy (God only knows what happened to you) are demanding that the government stay away from those programs. Because they are good, they serve a purpose and they are overall positive for our society. Do they need some tweaking? Sure. Some of that comes from us not budgeting for baby boomers for some retarded reason some comes from the world shifting slightly, some deals with our taxes being bizarrely low. Meh. Stupid people make stupid decisions.

(4) Considering Obamacare costs LESS than our current system and between 1940 and 1982 we funded everything and between 1996 and 2000 we funded everything by taxing the rich you need to separate yourself from reality to think we can't pay for this by taxing the rich. How we tax them is a debate worth having. I personally see little difference between raising the minimum wage to 10.00 and taxing them an extra 1% other than we have no way of knowing which is greater and other unintended consequences

(5) Your analogy about a rich kid or rich parents doesn't actually hold up in reality. You make it sound like the Rich are magical beings who can't be replaced. They aren't. A very select grou of them are irreplacable (in the short term, even with Ford, the Wright Brothers and Einstien someone would have figured it out and probably within fifteen to twenty years in either direction) but the owner of Ford? Wal-Mart? Mc Donalds? Sony? If he decided to go home the next guy and the next guy and the next guy would move into the territory in a heart beat. Hell it might benefit society if all those people just decided to go home and left everybody else scrambling to fill the vacuum. True Capitalism is about competition. So please tell them to go home back to Europe.

I notice not once have you addressed my statement that people didn't come here for capitalism, they came here amongst other things, fleeing from capitalisms end game scenario. Which we entered about a century ago.

(6) It's called the Affordable Health Care Act or AHCA but like you said. It's Obamacare and nobody cares about the real name. Considering its not particularly popular that just kinda destroys your whole Liberal Media thing don't it? They should be distancing the Messiah from this debacle shouldn't they? Oh wait. Facts and reality. I'm sorry about your allergies.

(7) the Latter Day Saints keep pulling your dumb asses out of the fire and you hate them more each and every time without realizing that the rest of the world rejected your madness 70 years ago. There are four kinds of countries left. "European Socialists" where you have a better chance of getting rich and dying of old age than any place on earth. Communists who are isolated and afraid. Americans who are born poor and die poor but hey if we hit the lottery or are really really good can make it out and Africa and the middle east where health care is an AK47.

(Final) You won't have the last laugh. Look at any poll, look at the Red States vs the Blue states. All I have to do ALIENated is wait for you to die. I'd rather you were there to stand with me and help improve the country but the reality is I don't have to do that.

Gaurding our borders is an impossible dream. It's simply not worth the money it would cost and our schools are disentegrating because You refuse to fund them not because of illegals. If illegals were the problem you would see a significant difference in the lower states than you do in the middle states and you don't.

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