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outlander said about 2 years ago ...

Sean-Gore's movie started all this nonsense, right now people are skeptical after a boatload of claims in IC have been shown to be bogus. His silence denotes or implies he doesn't believe his own bullshit.

reckoner said about 2 years ago ...

1) al gore got some stuff wrong in his movie (btw, you haven't given specific examples0 2) therefore all the scientists studying this are wrong

Again, this is a bad argument that isn't logical.

sean_renaud said about 2 years ago ...

Gore's movie didn't start all this. Not even on the mass media level. I don't suppose you've ever heard of Captain Planet or Ferngully? Or the hole in the Ozone layer. Gore is just one tenet and just because he's aware that he'd get creamed in a debate doesn't mean anything more than the Dixie Chicks refusing to debate foriegn policy.

outlander said about 2 years ago ...

Reck-the scientists that keep pushing the same crap over and over when it is just not true ARE wrong.

reckoner said about 2 years ago ...

What is wrong about their studies? What specifically do you believe is faulty?

outlander said about 2 years ago ...

Well in the other post we talked about glaciers and sea-level rises but lets talk about polar bears. The Obama administration said polars bears are not threatened enough to list them as endangered. source

But we have people like this still raising the alarms. Or this youtube a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDlA5meB5B0">video I find hilarious. A british voice cues in: "ARE YOU RETTY TO SAY GOODBYE TO THE POLARR BARE.."

Will polar bears ever go extinct? Consider this.

Again the question shouldn't there be a steady decline in polar bear populations if Global Warming is causing them to go extinct AND the continued propaganda on polar bears, isn't that bad for science and a diversion from real dangers?

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