There is so much evidence for evolution

"This much is clear: Its worn teeth and fused skull show it was an adult. The shape of the pelvis is female. The skull is wide like that of Homo erectus. But the sides are rounder and the crown traces an arc from ear to ear. The skull of Homo erectus has straight sides and a pointed crown, they said.

The lower jaw contains large, blunt teeth and roots like Australopithecus, a prehuman ancestor in Africa more than 3 million years ago. The front teeth are smaller and more like modern human teeth.

The eye sockets are big and round, but unlike other members of the Homo genus, it has hardly any chin or browline.

The rest of the skeleton looks as if it walked upright, but the pelvis and the shinbone have primitive, even apelike features."

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starchini said over 2 years ago ...

Whats your take on the shroud of turan reck & sean?

starchini said over 2 years ago ...

I always thought that was pretty impressive evidence...then there is the cave he was laid in...the fact that much of what was in the bible actually exists and has pieces of evidence gives it quite a bit of credibility no?

reckoner said over 2 years ago ...

Have you Google's the shroud? Also, what is it evidence of?

grapekoolaid said over 2 years ago ...

If a Eve came from Adam's rib, why do we still have ribs?

Where did Lilith come from?

If your dad came from your grandma, why do you still have your grandma?

If you're made from clay, why do we still have clay?

If we're made in God's image, why is there still a God?

outlander said over 2 years ago ...

Grape-LOL, I love it when you talk religion.

sean_renaud said over 2 years ago ...

The Shroud of Turain was made probably in the 12th centurty and most certainly from every scientific test done was at least seven centuries too young to have touched Christ. It's a carnival trick.

Actually grape.

God only took one rib and that's why we have a floating rib. Lillith came from the dirt, same as adam. She was an equal not a construct. You're grandma, dad question like your clay question makes no sense. Being made in Gods immage likewise is silly. It's like asking if Superman was drawn in the image of his creators (which he obviously was, one head, two eyes, a nose a mouth, four fingers one thumb etc etc why do we still have Stan Lee? It simply doesn't work that way.

Of cource Outlandander can't point out these fallacies because he's slightly brighter than cow.

starchini said over 2 years ago ...

No reck, i've only seen images. I think if it's real its proof that Jesus existed and gives a certain amount of credibility to the events in the bible.

Yea grape, I agree with Sean's comment in regards to your comment.

reckoner said over 2 years ago ...


your thinking is far too fuzzy. Imagine I created some new religion and wanted to convince the world it is true. Maybe the god of my religion is starchini! But in my religion there are many rules, and these rules prefer men. Men get what they want, it's starchini's desire and she is god. All women must do everything men want, for it is what starchini did when she was sent to earth in human form.

A few thousand years from now someone might say, "why should I believe all this nonsense?". Well, I whip out proof that starchini really lived! Clearly all of my teachings must now be true, right?

reckoner said over 2 years ago ...

Also keep in mind that my proof of your existence will be far strong than the shroud. The shroud is just some linen with an image of a man on it. That's about all there is to it. It's like me, 1000 years from now, showing a random picture of a girl and saying, "that's the god starchini".

starchini said over 2 years ago ...

Ahh your point might have hit harder if I wasn't so giddy at the idea of being worshipped by all : P

sean_renaud said over 2 years ago ...

To be fair it would be far more convincing if the carbon dating, or ink dating had shown it from being around the 0 year instead of everything pointing towards it being something around the twelth century. I'm not sure it would convince me even then but at least the argument would be somewhat solid by comparison to this obvious forgery.

grapekoolaid said over 2 years ago ...

face palm

I was merely mirroring the creationist question, "If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?". It was supposed to be a parody. Not to be taken seriously.

Now that I had to explain the joke however, doesn't seem so funny. :/

starchini said over 2 years ago ...

That was successfully funny grape! : )

outlander said over 2 years ago ...

Sean-Isn't rather dangerous to expose your entire intellect in one paragraph?

Star-I have always been interested in the shroud until someone showed how it could be duplicated. One of my concerns is Jesus wasn't the only person crucified back then so how do we know it is specifically Jesus?

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