Jon Stewart nails it again

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alienated said almost 3 years ago ...

This is too funny. No, not Jon Stewart. He stopped being funny a while back. What is funny is that you used the term "nails it". Not that long ago that was the popular term for having sex with someone ... "he nailed her after the party". Anyway, I think Rush has successfully done just what he claims he does -- uses the absurd to expose the absurd. All this contraception crapola is simply a diversion, a Liberal / Democrat / Socialist attempt to take the focus off Obama's failures and his failed administration in order to get him re-elected. And for what? So we can spend more time examining whether Bill Maher is more of a pig than you think Limbaugh is and other such nonsense. Face it. Obama might as well be a comedian for all we are getting out of him and his bunch. We have real problems. And why does anyone think the government or insurance should pay for their contaception? OMG Have we become such morons under the Obama regime that we do not even understand the simplest things? Every day is a new adventure into absurdity and Limbaugh just intensifies the focus like sunlight through a magnifying glass aimed at an ant. Jon Stewart is more like the little kid that strips down and runs through a gathering of his parent's friends trying to get attention. He is more pathetic than funny most times. Obama is pretty obviously a Jew-hating Muslim at heart. How Stewart could come to his defense most times is beyond me. Of course, his reference to Obama being a Sheite or Sunni kind of shows (subconsciously) what he probably really thinks of Obama, but his loyalty to the Liberal / Democrat / Socialist Party is more important, I suppose.

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Jon Stewart nails it again
1 comment
last by woman almost 3 years ago
Jon Stewart nails it again
last by sean_renaud almost 3 years ago
Chris Christie nails it again.
I sure wish he was running for President.....we truly need someone who cares as much as this guy does about this country.
last by alienated about 3 years ago

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