The Gloves Are Off.

The teaching of religious doctrine belongs in schools. Atheists in this country don't give a shit about religion or God or the Constitution they just want to bash Christianity. The recent allowing of a rabidly Muslim indoctrination song into a Colorado school and the apparent silence among Atheists and those lowlifes at the ACLU is proof of this.

So who cares about keeping religion out of schools? As far as I am concerned as long as the government doesn't force religion on anyone then anything goes. Prayers, symbols, songs, and whatever anyone wants to stick in public schools or building go for it.

It is now clear the enemy is not government subjugation or censorship it is about a prejudice put out by despicable people who hate Christianity and everything it stands for. Why should we who are in the majority stand for such prejudice?

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superbozo said about 2 years ago ...

I disagree.

If as a parent you wish your child to be educated about a religion then do it yourself at home in conjunction with your church, synagogue, temple whatever. Why is it the responsibility of schools to teach religion. If you wish your child to be indoctrinated into any religion, why let the school do it? Why is it the schools/states responsibility to indoctrinate your child into the religion of your choice?

sean_renaud said about 2 years ago ...


Not to mention the teaching of religious indoctrination is school is an outright government endorsement of a religion unless you teach all of them with equal respect. Oh and this Christian Victim idea is simply absurd.

Please tell me when the last time was a Muslim backed group can claim to have endorsed legislation? Can't can you. What about a Jewish lobby? Budhist? Shinto? Hindu? Can you name for me policies that we have in this country specifically for religious reasons? Can you name official policy that came about that way or major decisions? Do you hear people wanting to teach that spiders came from a proud woman boasting to Athena. The fact that 80% of the country is "Christian" to varying degrees is the reason they get bashed so often. None of the other religions have any effect on day to day life in this country.

outlander said about 2 years ago ...

Super/Sean-We are a Christian nation and being that our government cannot force any religion onto anyone then it doesn't matter. If parents disagee then take the kids out of public school and put them in private or homeschool them. Kids all ready know about religion and have all ready been indoctrinated so what difference does make? A single precedent set in a single school opens the door for me to push my beliefs onto society just like the cowardly atheists who have been doing it for years. You guys can't have it both ways. I would prefer to have everything neautral with a certain amount of tolerance for historical expression but NO society has shown we don't care about religion in schools.

alienated said about 2 years ago ...

I think everyone is missing the point. Schools are disrespecting the religion of Islam and Muslims by allowing anything about their religion to be taught in schools. By doing so, since we do not allow religious stuff in the schools, they are admitting that Islam is not a REAL religion, that we do not think of it as a religion, but an oddity ... just something other people do somewhere else. I actually think it is kind of funny. It is like teaching kids about Africa or the North Pole. We are teaching kids that it might be interesting, but it has nothing to do with us, with America. It is almost as silly as all the homosexual stuff on TV. Watch closely how homosexuality is almost always played for laughs on TV. They pretend to respect homos, but constantly use them as a form of slapstick or whatever you want to call it. Much like clowns are used for a visual laugh. They get laughs by pointing out how unnatural or unappealing it is. Watch closely and tell me I am wrong. I think of it all as just more illogic of the Liberal set -- Liberals shooting themselves in the foot and the rest of us acting as if they are marksmen. If I was a Muslim, I would be the first one at the school demanding that they stop disrespecting my religion by talking about it or singing about in school since they are not suppose to talk about or sing about REAL religion in school. That is what Conservatives, the people who actually are sensitive to religion, should be pointing out to everyone.

outlander said about 2 years ago ...

Not what this post was about but Alien did you know Islam came out of Judaism. Isaac and Ishmal? Ring a bell? We all whorship the same God. My bitch is atheists and the cowardly ACLU go nuts of very obsure mention of anything religious but an Islamic indoctrination song fits perfectly right along with silent night and glory to the king.

Think about this for a moment:

This is NOT allowed:

Our Heavenly Father, Grant us each day the desire to do our best, To grow mentally and morally as well as physically, To be kind and helpful to our classmates and teachers, To be honest with ourselves as well as with others, Help us to be good sports and smile when we lose as well as when we win, Teach us the value of true friendship, Help us always to conduct ourselves so as to bring credit to Cranston High School West. Amen"

This IS allowed:(zikr in Islam is reverance to God)

there is no implementation superior to zikr, is the decree of the Prophet of Allaah! P.B.U.H.

those who do zikr of Allaah from the the heart are indeed freed!

the ego of the soul gets chopped off by doing zikr, zikr undoubtedly is Allaah's sword.

zikr is peace. zikr is Victory. zikr is Healing. zikr is the Cure

Allaah is the only One who is eternal and immortal and rest are perishable and will be destroyed by Allaah

Apart from the greatness of Allaah, apologize from the hearts for anything else

Light of Mohammad, may peace be upon him, there is no other god except Allaah

in every flower, in every fragrance, in everything is the light of Allah

in every heart every moment, may the zikr of Allaah's stay

zikr is better than hatred

zikr is better than carelessness

zikr is better than disobedience

zikr is better than saying bad things

O, the self-subsisting One, who holds the entire universe

O, the first One, who was there before anything else

O, the last One, who will be there after everything else is gone

O, the Forgiving, O, the Generous, O, the Great, O the Merciful

O, the beneficent, O, the praiseworthy,

O, the Lord of Majesty of bounty.

sean_renaud said about 2 years ago ...

Every chance our leaders have gottent to distance ourselves from Christianity we've taken. We're a Christian majority nation, not a Christian nation.

We don't teach anything about Islam in schools. I swear where do you get this crap ALIENated.

outlander said about 2 years ago ...

sean do you think kids singing and learning this song over and over in a public school is not teaching Islam?

starchini said about 2 years ago ...

Outlander, there are Christian schools for children to learn about Godly things at...the thought of teaching such stuff in public schools is insane...What would Christian School be for if Public Schools copied them?

sean_renaud said about 2 years ago ...

It is teaching Islam. If only a very small portion of it. It should happen, who ever authorized this should at the least be penalized if not fired. However learning a song is not "teaching Islam" it's learning a song. Our schools teach the historical parts of Islam which unlike Christianity are backed by actual history in the area so we know who started it, when it started who started it but nothing about the faith itself. Nothing about it's rules or tenets which is a vital difference. But no this teacher should be in trouble however show me a pattern of this not an isolated incident. Show me that schools are teaching Muslim songs not that a school has.

superbozo said about 2 years ago ...

Again I have to disagree.

If you wish your kids education to be religion based then it should be you who send your kids to a private school. How do you accommodate all Christians into teaching Christianity at school. Do you teach the Catholic version, the Anglican, the Jehovah Witness or the Mormon version? Again why is it the states responsibility to do so? Why are the parents not responsible for teaching their own children what it is they believe.

What is it that atheists can teach, other than there is no god?

America is a Christian nation. So is much of Europe. It's not surprising really. Christians and their churches spent hundreds of years stamping out rival religions and cultures. They even incorporated certain aspects of those cultures/religions into their own to make things easier. Hence the Easter bunny and Easter eggs. A remnant of pagan celebrations that would occur at around the same time as Easter. They insisted that everything from birth to death be celebrated in their hallowed halls. So yes it has become part of those countries culture. Persecution by religion (Which is why the pilgrims, Christians being persecuted by other Christians. Fled England in the first place.) That type of Christian persecution only stopped because society tamed the Church. I believe that's why the founding fathers of your country put a separation of Religion and State. They also instilled the right for people to worship (or not to worship) as they see fit.

Why is it necessary to teach a particular form of religion in order to teach morality?

outlander said about 2 years ago ...

If educators can throw Islam in our faces then there is no separation of church and state. It is time the public school system be dismantled anyway and replaced with parochial schools. At least they could do it cheaper.

We can be non-denominational and the three atheists that show up we can tell them they are wrong. :)

sean_renaud said about 2 years ago ...

Again please show a pattern of educators throwing Islam in our faces. Can you show me that this is a regular occurance in our school system?

feather said about 2 years ago ...

I found a Star Tribune article TiVA vs the search for truth about the ACLU suing an Islamic scool that is receiving public funding in Minnesota.

feather said about 2 years ago ...

Another in theMarrieta Daily Journal about parents protesting 12 weeks of Islamic curriculum and too much emphasis on a Muslim woman saying how happy she was about sharia law.

feather said about 2 years ago ...

And a USA Today article Some Say Schools Giving Muslims Special Treatment.

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