Atheism in America

Yes. These are the people attacking religion in America.

These are the monsters that are laying siege to your faith.

Actually, they're in the closet afraid to come out.

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It's from Financial Times, so you won't be able to say "look at where it's from! Your sources are clearly biased"

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starchini said over 2 years ago ...

Outlander and Grapey, you two suck, I just snarfed an entire bag of Granola Nut Clusters reading that, it was tense...Bravo!

outlander said over 2 years ago ...

My bad, here it is.

You cannot take a country in which the vast majority of people believe in a higher power and remove any and all religious expression. Is this what is defined in the Constitution to you? Was this the intention of the founding fathers?

I have not said atheists or anyone should be banned or their free speech limited. I am saying if you take your constitutional right to free speech and use it to hurt people then you deserve to be called a lowlife. You are pist because you can't logically articulate the actions of your fellow minions.

And here we go, so I think atheists are scumbags because that is the reputation they created for themselves and suddenly I am afraid of homosexuals? Wow.

Star-How many atheists charities are there? How many atheist hospitals, homeless shelters, safehouses, schools, etc..are there?

If you actually think about it what do outgoing atheists contribute to society except for the purpose of hurting people?

reckoner said over 2 years ago ...

"You cannot take a country in which the vast majority of people believe in a higher power and remove any and all religious expression."

This isn't what we are saying. We are saying that government funded things can't express religious views.

grapekoolaid said over 2 years ago ...

I'm not a constitutionalist, nor do I really know (for sure) what the founding fathers envisioned. I can tell you one thing for certain, though. The idea of separation of church and state works both ways. It is used to keep government out of churches and churches out of government. That's why there is (and needs to be) a separation between a person's faith, beliefs and upholding the law of the land. You need to be able to separate yourself from the issue. This is what I mean when I say that you were never taught proper rhetoric. You think an attack on your position is an attack on your person. That's just not it.

No one is using their right to free speech to "hurt people" as you say. They are simply stating their beliefs. If you're "hurt" by what they say, then stop internalizing the debate. Stop getting your precious feelings hurt over it. Grow a pair and move on. Learn to separate the issue from your own "feelings". Quit being butthurt over it.

You are afraid of homosexuals. You're also bigoted. That much has been proven just by your statements alone.

How many atheist charities are there? Any one that doesn't have St. bliggidy blah in front of it. Howabout Doctors without Borders? Planned Parenthood? Any city run shelters? Any public schools?

What do atheists contribute to society? Howabout an appeal to reason? Why is reason so offensive to you?

grapekoolaid said over 2 years ago ...

Oh and star: I do enjoy a good spirited debate. Glad I could distract you long enough to eat a whole bag of granola and nuts. Aren't they supposed to be good for you anyways? :D

starchini said over 2 years ago ...

Thats a questions for Reckoner, he rubbed a ton of websites and proof of amazing things atheists have done in my face. And still im mostly talking about individuals, there are a lot fewer atheists than "Christians" and lots of "Christians" are prolly atheists or atleast not really Christians...for all we know the Ronald McDonald fund could have been created by an atheist...as the article pointed out lots of atheists wouldnt admit they are and lots of Christians wouldnt admit they lost all their faith and no longer believe....So who gets credit for what would be hard to assign considering we really cannot know what people really truly believe, even if it comes from their own mouth.

As and example though to my point that Atheists are just a wonderful of people as Christians....hows bout we round up an atheist and a christian and see who is the bestest!?

Sounds stupid right?

The entire premise of this arguement makes me nauseas, who has more of a right to what, who is better than who, whos a scumbag or douche sack or who deserves to have their voice heard....its all rediculous....

People should practice tolerance as well as adhere to the constitution....

Christians need to practice tolerance and not try to flash their religion to the rest of the country that may not agree with them...after all christians dont just piss atheists off, they piss everyone off who isn't a christian. This country is a melting pot of a lot of cultures and religions and no one needs to be shoving their beliefs in other peoples faces....Yet on the other side of that coin, we must try to be tolerant of eachother, understand that we are all different. I think its wrong for you to hate on anyone outlander, I think its wrong for you to lump atheists into a group and call them all scumbags or blame them for your religious oppression. Im collecting quite a small group of atheists friends and they are just as great a people as any good Christian i've ever met.

Atheists have organized a ton of good will charities and done wonderful things to help america and people...only they dont get press conferences, whouda thunk it?

grapekoolaid said over 2 years ago ...

Amen sister! Preach on!


grapekoolaid said over 2 years ago ...

Said the choir.

reckoner said over 2 years ago ...

think about most of the major progress in america.

wome's suffrage, interracial marriage, etc, etc.

The arguments against these things were largely religious.

outlander said over 2 years ago ...

Grape-You are glazing over the issue once again. You know just like everyone else the separation clause in the Constitution was specifically put in to stop government from forcing people to practice a particular religion. It does not say or even imply that any and all religious expression be removed from public places. This is backed by the fact that the word "God" is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence and the word "Lord" is mentioned in the Constitution as well as the supreme court ruling "under God" can be allowed in the pledge. Along with this we have precedent that has upheld certain religious expression is acceptable under certain circumstances.

"No one is using their right to free speech to "hurt people" as you say."

And trying to remove a tribute to 9/11 victims for a seriously trivial reason is not hurting people? How much money has our country spend litigating bullshit atheist claims?

Star-Where are all these great atheists? The only ones I see are the ones that just want to piss people off. IF there are good atheists why don't stand up for themselves. Specifically show me where known atheists contribute to society? This is not about hate, you guys love to throw that word around. And it is glaring that atheists hate religion, why else do they stick their noses into places it doesn't belong?

grapekoolaid said over 2 years ago ...

Here you go. Atheists last year raised over $200000 for Doctors Without Borders. They pissin you off?

As to Separation of Church and State, why would you want it one way but not other? Doesn't that reek of favoritism to you? It's totally okay for religion to bleed into politics but the other way around and the gov't is infringing on your rights? At what point is it not okay then? At what point is religion bleeding into gov't too far? Prayer before the meeting of congress is NOT okay. "Under God" is NOT okay (inserted in response to McCarthyism, btw).

Once again, what's right is right and wrong is wrong. Just because it sits on one side of your beliefs or not shouldn't determine your stance on it. Stop internalizing the debate.


grapekoolaid said over 2 years ago ...

Also, if religious organizations are going to inject themselves into politics, shouldn't they also start paying taxes? I think it's about damn time.

starchini said over 2 years ago ...

"And it is glaring that atheists hate religion, why else do they stick their noses into places it doesn't belong?"

a good Christian shouldn't be feel that Atheists have no place in Religion...

"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."

starchini said over 2 years ago ...

It has been reported that 8/10 Religious people (not just Christians) donate to charites and 6/10 non believers donate....A small difference in my book....to say they are not an asset to society is rediculous, while I admit on paper they contribute a small bit less than everyone else...though I think the basis for the comparison is a little unfair, to lump all religions that believe in all kinds of different shit and the people that dont believe in a higher power. To indicate you'd rather not have any Atheists around at all would lower 60% of the caritable giving in the nation....you wouldn't wanna do that would ya?


starchini said over 2 years ago ...

Here is another excellent source for all the ways Atheists benefit society link

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