Second Breakfast - for *starchini*

Sorry, dear the link to the "second breakfast" is currently not working because of the protest.

I was trying to find the blog I posted mentioning "second breakfast" with your comment to reply properly but my brain is hurting trying to remember, so I thought I'll just create a blog about it. This post might be all over the place because I can't focus with things going on around here but I've been wanting to reply to you for sooo long, so I'll do this now even if it's a rush and sloppy. :)

Second breakfast is typical in Europe. If I remember how wiki explained it, it's almost like the equivalent of "brunch".

But not really. Maybe I remember it also incorrectly...

I don't remember having second breakfasts in the Philippines. We call "snacks in between", merienda but I still feel "snack" is not an appropriate translation. Some in the Philippines might call "second breakfasts" merienda but it won't fit somehow.

I think it's because just with anything different in each country, there is this emotional meaning to every word. For example "second breakfast" in Germany it's literally translated to Zweites Fruehstueck, while in England I read it's called "elevenses".

Hmmm, it's normal here for people to eat a "second breakfast" at around 9-10 am (in Germany it was until 11 am, from my experience). Almost all go to school, or/and work very early, and either eat the "regular" breakfast, and the second is taken at school or at their placeof work or wherever you are.

Some restaurants can serve breakfast here until 2 pm. Or where I used to live in Germany, there is a restaurant that served "breakfast" 24 hours. It's situated at an area where there where a lot of people working in shifts.

I love second breakfast because just like in Germany, Holland has a lot of choice savoury second breakfast. They eat here "sweet first breakfast" mostly (also the same in Germany, and Ireland, the latter is where my youngest brother and his family works and lives) composed of bread, jam, chocolate in different forms (I'll create a post about breakfast in the Netherlands next time).

Oooh, now I found another link while searching for some keywords about breakfast in Germany.

Hope this link to second breakfast lends much clarity to what I wrote. Enjoy! (I liked reading it because it brings back good yummeeey memories. lol)

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paper said about 2 years ago ...

Oh, writing this made me crave for Bauernfrühstück German farmer's breakfast. lol Going to make one tomorrow, and run a 6 kms afterwards.hahaha

starchini said about 2 years ago ...

Wow, thats very interesting, what made me smile the most was the use of brunch as second breakfast. I understood that brunch was to indicate an early lunch when one had woken up to late to eat breakfast....I usually dont settle long enough to eat something until about 10am, so thats my first breakfast (usually a granola bar with a pot of coffee) but im eating it when you are eating your second breakfast. I can totally see the kind of lifestyle this would fit in to.

This was the only other time id ever heard anyone mention a second breakfast before...

Homemade biscuits smothered with a thick artery clogging pork gravy is by far my all time favorite breakfast.

starchini said about 2 years ago ...

Thank you so much for sharing.

paper said about 2 years ago ...

Star, my pleasure! :))) I usually struggle with this kind of blogs - it's so funny actually, when I think about it.

You made me giggle with the video clip (I forgot about it even though I read the books, and saw all the films). I suddenly got a flashback of P when he heard the girl asking, during our early trips here in the Netherlands, "Was gibt zum zweiten Frühstück?", "What will we be having for second breakfast?!". He was truly bewildered (not unlike Aragon!lol) that they can eat again because it was not 2 hours since there first meal of the day.LOL

But you know how the little ones/kids are with rituals, and our life in Germany was more rigid than here, and their sense of time was connected to the meals.

Also, P does not eat second breakfast, and curiously does not have a concept of it. He never had the need or inclination for savoury breakfast (not until I came...I'm slowly turning him around hehehe). He can wake up anytime of the day, and still want to have a "sweet breakfast". It's how he can start right. lol

As for me, I don't have anything fixed...I adapt somehow to whomever I am eating with, wherever I have to eat breakfast...or mostly prefer savoury breakfast to sweet...although I can mix it, which makes P cringe, even if he tries not to show. hahaha

Man, I am hungry now for breakfast and it's dinner time in a couple of minutes!lol

starchini said about 2 years ago ...

I gotta say, sweet breakfast kinda makes me go bleh too...The idea of sugary rolls and donuts and stuff right? No way I could wake up and put a donut in my mouth....Now around 10:30 or so its a possibility. Breakfasts when I was growing up was always granola or toast, only on the weekends we would get eggs or biscuits and gravy with bacon or sausage patties...At my house we dont eat breakfast during the week. I keep a box of granola in the car and Remi has a granola bar before daycare and I eat mine at work. On the weekends we make big breakfasts if we are up early enough. Or if we arnt we just eat breakfast for lunch and call it brunch. I definitly prefer what you called savoury breakfast, the greasy kind lol.

starchini said about 2 years ago ...

Its dinner time in a couple of minutes for you?! Jee whiz, its 10:50 am here.

paper said about 2 years ago ...

I'll dedicate a blog series for you with pictures and all, regarding breakfasts here and those countries I lived in (I was in an Arab country for half a year, love having been invited to different houses of different cultures!) May even all the meals, when I don't eat it, I like talking about it hhahaha. I'm more motivated to do these kind of blogs when I have someone to think of writing it for.

The girls and their German father used to keep me in the kitchen during the whole of Sunday with their German trained sense of time and digestion! They ask while eating their current meal, what we will eat in the next meal! LOL

Maybe this is the reason I was blocked about blogging about food before. hahahahah

With P, there are Sundays (or other days of the week) don't even get to "see" the kitchen (this is a hoot because we live still in his bachelor pad, and it's cozy small the kitchen, dining area and living room are all together without walls and doors separating them!lol) because he prepares everything! :D Don't want to be smug about it but I kiss his belly at the end of the day (like you do to a baby lol) because he made me love cooking again with the pampering I got from his works in the kitchen.

paper said about 2 years ago ...

Yup, star, we have 7 hours difference. It will be 8 in the Spring time. :)

paper said about 2 years ago ...

*when I am not eating it....

I think I missed switching "there" and "their " somewhere...lol but I know you understand where I am going with my English if I've misused one word or have typos here and there. :)

paper said about 2 years ago ...

Now off to serve dinnnaaaa! :)

Have a nice day on your side of the big waaaaater. :D

starchini said about 2 years ago ...

I would enjoy reading them, im absolutly fascinated by cultural differences and love that you have been and even lived in different countries. I could read about odd (to me) customs and traditions and food all day long. Im still interested about your love of cheese and gouda. Time change is also crazy to me, here my day just started, lunch is almost here and ive got all day left, and there you are serving dinner....its like you live in the FUTURE! lol. You have a nice day too paper!

lucyt said about 2 years ago ...

we call it smoko, around 10 or 11am, consisting of a sandwhich or tea cake or savoury cake, sometimes a big meal like bacon and eggs.

:-) I like elevenses !!

paper said about 2 years ago ...

Lulu you should write more about food and lifestyle in Australia! I love how you describe what you select, how you prepare, serve and of course enjoy your food.

I've been trying to recall which post in our other place that you shared this picture of your curry dish. Maybe I can find it in your Flickr but I also lost that bookmark.

Just to answer your comment in another post, which has been also in my mind for so long - you are always welcome to dinner! As much as I can't wait to be invited in yours!!!:)

paper said about 2 years ago ...

star you definitely gave me motivation to do a blog series about the topics that interest both of us...

I have to admit though it's a struggle because most of my travels still have "emotional issues" attached to them, and that's why I hesitate going back to the past ...but thinking of writing it for someone else, and not for me to recall, I think helps in being excited about it, and not having trepidation...

I sound so f*cked up when I reread that paragraph, lol... yeah, I have so many issues from the past to work through...but somehow, I have to start somewhere to just set those issues aside and just filter those good memories I can share. :)

Thanks for motivating me positively!

paper said about 2 years ago ...

Ugh, brain holes strikes again...

My thoughts were going two ways:

I wanted to tell Lulu you are always welcome to dinner AND at the same time wanting to say you are always welcome in our kitchen...

So I ended up saying - "... invited to yours!" (You are always welcome in our kitchen! As much as I can't wait to be invited to yours!)

I know it's not a big deal with spontaneous anonymous blogging (and my understanding friends!), which was the attraction for me, who struggled with writer's block for so long. But I am documenting this personally to show myself that I can SURELY benefit from going to bed early, or at least napping in the afternoon (I skipped it again!)!!!

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