Thump, thump, thump (1) (18.01.12)



It's brrrrrr outside but a weensy bit warmer than the biting cold of yesterday. I know, I am weird because I loved it. lol Still hoping for some snow, I know it's a bit insane because we are going by bike but from the experience we had, it's not that bad. Also if it's not safe, we will of course bring the girls to school by car.

With the littlest going to school, I have been engaging in socializing and slow networking with the mothers there, and one very nice lady a year older than I am, offered to drive the girls if ever I need help. Actually, if I would like and really need to all the mothers in the oldest, and the middle daughter's class are all very generous with their offer of help and assistance, only that I am TOO stubborn and independent (so is P! lol) that we like doing it all ourselves...we have learned though slowly through the past years to reach out, and it's getting better and better...

Now after the weather report and social life update...lol ....the actual subjext of this post!

Yesterday, I measured my heart rate for the first time in a loooooooooooooooong while.

Rest: first real time (after I brought the girls to school and back, relax a bit while eating second breakfast; it should normally be right after you woke up, not from a nightmare though) [11(beats in 10 seconds frame)×6] 66;

then after a lot of tries (as sugged in the site I consulted for measuring heart rate) [ 12×6] 72 (pulse); [13×6] 78 (carotid?)

Warm-up: [24×6]144

Highest Peak: [27×6] = 162

after 1 minute (should be 2 mins! I learned later on…)

Recovery: [24×6] = 144 [162 HP-144W-up/2]= 9 (NOT GOOD!) it should NOT be below 12. But yeah, I did it after 1 minute and NOT 2 as prescribed...

I'm going to do it again this afternoon, and see how my stats will be.

Ahhh, I hear the alarm goes, and have to prepare again for another set of cycling towards the school. I plan to NAP when I come back because I simply need to. I have to tell myself - you are not a superheroine! not a robot...perhaps I will listen. lol

I plan to make a part (2) of Thump, thump, thump (how I love the P! lol I know, just humor moi please) and Thump, thump, thump (3) (what's it like to feel happiness in one's heart)...I want to write both blogs if not today in the next days..before another cycle of depression maliciously attack me again just because I feel at peace! >:P :D


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paper said over 2 years ago ...

@ star just in case you stop by, dear! I linked info about second breakfast above! :)

starchini said about 2 years ago ...

Read second breakfast before this one : )

hegemone said about 2 years ago ...

Ya know, I haven't taken my heart rate in a long time, I ought to try it sometime soon, since I'm exercising more. Can't wait to see those other thump thump thumps. :-p

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