How Could Sullivan Be So Dumb?

So of course I was struck by the title of Newsweek's article by Andrew Sullivan "Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?" This has got to be one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen in my life. The reason I find it hilarious, especially after reading the article is because this is a pro-Obama guy. What about the people that voted for Obama that are pissed? Is calling all of these people dumb going to help Obama's approval rating? Is Sullivan such incredibly an out-of- touch moron that he thinks because he says he is a Conservative that everyone believes him and the left will just assume all this is coming from a Conservative?

Right now everyone is in low spirits because of the economy and while it is headed in the right direction, has a long way to go. Obama's approval rating is low because it seems what he is doing is just simply not working. It all began with this very accomplished young superstar who could electrify crowds and transcend party politics. What have we seen? A leftist who leaps over to the left when it comes to anything racial and anything to do with climate change. Nothing is getting done and what has gotten done seems to have a shadow cast over it. Obamacare and Dodd/Frank and even the Osama Bin Laden killing all have a taint to them. This may be absolutely false and I am the moron here, what I'm saying is that is the appearance the public is seeing. Lets not forget we didn't vote Obama into office because of his experience.

As for Andrew Sullivan and Newsweek all I can do is chuckle. How many Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents did they blatantly and stupidly insult by placing a very smug almost defiant picture of a President on the cover a popular political magazine with the title "Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?" Then you have Newsweek, sure they are going to sell a lot of magazines but in the long run when not a single Conservative or Republican or moderate Democrat gets a subscription or buys the magazine again is that going to help or hurt their business? It would have been smarter for both of them to title the article "Why Is The Right So Dumb?" This is what Sullivan actually wanted to say but he of course is a coward. Anyone who espouses ragingly Liberal ideas but claims to be a Conservative and vice/versa is in my mind a coward. A person should always be true to themselves.

Now I am not going to rip Sullivan's article to shreds because it is to easy and I don't have the time. It's important though to highlight that he does blatantly and purposely lie to make outrageous claims. Andrew Sullivan wouldn't have gotten where he is by being stupid so some of the claims he makes in this article have got to be outright lies. Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters wrote a great counter to Sullivan's nonsensical rantings. From a Republican standpoint this will be a boost for us. Sullivan is standing on the losing side of a debate competition calling the other side stupid, how can he be so dumb?

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reckoner said almost 3 years ago ...

"It would have been smarter for both of them to title the article "Why Is The Right So Dumb?" This is what Sullivan actually wanted to say but he of course is a coward. "

Um, I just read the piece and he spends a lot of time talking about how the left doesn't get Obama either. It seems rather clear that he most certainly wanted to say that both sides are dumb.

"calling the other side stupid, how can he be so dumb?"

Maybe because he called both sides stupid? Did you read his piece?

reckoner said almost 3 years ago ...

Here's the opening prologue:

"The right calls him a socialist, the left says he sucks up to Wall Street, and independents think he's a wimp. Andrew Sullivan on how the president may just end up outsmarting them all."

See, he's clearly talking about everyone.

reckoner said almost 3 years ago ...

More from the piece.

"This is where the left is truly deluded. By misunderstanding Obama’s strategy and temperament and persistence, by grandstanding on one issue after another, by projecting unrealistic fantasies onto a candidate who never pledged a liberal revolution, they have failed to notice that from the very beginning"

outlander said almost 3 years ago ...

You are right he is talking to both sides. I think where the problem lies is he is trying to articulate why Obama critics are wrong and why Obama will and should get another term as President and in my opinion he is adding another nail in Obama's re-election coffin and here's why. Newsweek is not really known to be an outgoingly Liberal publication and most people see it not in the context of like the New York Times (left) or New York Post (right) they see it as middle of the road. People from all sides all ready pissed at Obama see the picture and then a known Lib calling them dumb because they disagree with policies? Kind of like: "I gambled and gave you a chance and voted for you and now this what you are doing?"

Also, looking deeper into the piece Sullivan makes a number of very false or dishonest claims which in my mind makes if worse because left or right most of us Americans are not stupid. An example is stating Obama created over 2 million jobs when on Obama's watch we have lost over 2 million jobs. NOW WAIT!!!! That statement may be absolutely inaccurate on my part BUT unemployment no matter what news agency you follow is high. So people are seeing in the news the pesky unemployment figures then read Sullivan saying Obama created over 2 million jobs? An insult to our intelligence.

reckoner said almost 3 years ago ...

outlander said almost 3 years ago ...

Didn't Obama say unemployment would not go above 8%? If he or you guys can take credit from jobs created from the vacuum of the financial crisis then you have to also be credited with the jobs lost. Also what would those numbers look like if you took out the federal jobs that were created by Obama throwing money around and NEW jobs created that aren't government funded?

sean_renaud said almost 3 years ago ...

Private sector jobs are up under Obama and public sector jobs are down. So I'd feel comfortable saying they'd look similar to the conventional wisdom.

Yes Obama said unemployment would not go over 8% should his stimulus pass. Ultimately he was wrong and that's that. But (depending on when exactly you believe the claim was made. I've usually heard sometime in Septemeber but even as late as Novemeber it was beneath 7% by the time he took office it was 7.6% and it's not like he got anything signed in the first thirty days. I'm not sure how much you can blame someone for simply not knowing how bad a situation was in advance.

outlander said almost 3 years ago ...

Unemployment peaked at 10% close to a year after Obama was in, it then hovered above 9% for a full year after that. See the problem? We are dumb because we have hightlighted the fact that what Obama is doing is just simply not working to create jobs and these over 2 million jobs he supposedly created were part of a vacuum mixed with government jobs.

reckoner said almost 3 years ago ...

We could have been in another great depression, right? That was at least a possibility. It's impossible to know any of this 100%, but isn't it possible that the actions our government took prevented another great depression? If so, I wouldn't call that a failure, would you?

Also, what policy would have recommended? Cutting government jobs?

reckoner said almost 3 years ago ...

fox won't have him on to talk about the article even though they made factual errors when bashing it.

Also, he didn't write the title, newsweek did.

outlander said almost 3 years ago ...

Reck-It wasn't Obama's intention to stop any depression. His stimulus package certainly wasn't designed to stimulate anything. Granted there are some things that could have a stimulating effect but most of it was Democrat/Liberal social program wishes and waste and some not even set to be spent until 2014. Pure Keynesian economics that failed during the Great Depression, failed in Japan, and is failing right now again in this country.

Sullivan is a coward, what makes you think Fox news or anyone would take his word as anything but a huge partisan misrepresentation put out by a liar.

I will argue these points with you but the main point here is does this help Obama and does this add to Sullivan's credibility? Quite the opposite

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