Saturday's Spaghetti Special (14.01.12)



Menu of our Dinner Tonight:

Salad - composed of lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, boiled egg, a handful of pine nuts (written as it was layered) served with choice dressing (caesar salad, Balsamico, honey-mustard, balsamico)

Spaghetti with bolognese sauce (P's variation is to add cut Italian veggies with the minced meat) topped with grated extra-matured Gouda

Water, Juice, (P drank Heineken, I would have drank a red wine but I have a race tomorrow :P )

Vanilla ice coated with chocolate

Lovely day, ended with a wonderful dinner we ALL prepared together (girls set the table). We talked about having spaghetti only every Saturday (another kind of pasta during the week!), just to have another fun ritual to share together as a family.

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hegemone said over 2 years ago ...

Sounds like a lovely meal indeed, and what a neat ritual to make too, a whole family event and something to look forward to definitely.

starchini said over 2 years ago ...

Is Vanilla ice Ice cream?

Saturday, hmm what did I eat for dinner? ... umm... must not have been very good I really can't remember! Yours definitly sounds better...I do love when people put effort into spaghetti...It might be the one dish in the world that can be a world famous gourmet dish that is exceedingly difficult and delicious....or you can dump a can of Ragu over some noodles and VOILA! Both are certainly "spaghetti"...I would havel iked to try yours! I've never had gouda period and certainly not on my spaghetti...just normally some parmesean and if im not real impressed with my sauce a little mozzerella to cover something thats off. : P

paper said over 2 years ago ...

star! hiya!

totally brain dead to comment back properly, just want to say will come back to all comments you left in the past days!!! :)

paper said over 2 years ago ...

waves hiya, hegs!!!

paper said over 2 years ago ...

I'm finally back and have more brain power to reply. lol

Yes, star, I meant vanilla ice-cream! :D When I finally come here in yakkstr to do my pensum for this daily blogging challenge, I am mostly asleep in my mind. Most of the time I translate from either German or Dutch to English, which is the reason there are words that seem to be hanging or funny. lol

Take this for example, in German ice-cream is Eis (they spell all nouns with a capital at the beginning whether they are at the beginning of the sentence or middle) and it Dutch ijs (in contrast Dutch do not do this with their nouns, and even when Monday is spelled in English and in German with a capital letter at the beginning, they do not do this in Dutch unless it begins the sentence. This is confusing for me when I see Monday written as maandag in the middle of the sentence)

Sorry, lol I went off tangent...so yeah...instead of writing vanilla ice-cream, my brain wrote vanilla ice because literally translated to Englis, German and Dutch write vanilla ice-cream like that...:D I find this funny because it is the obvious picture of how my brain has holes. hahaha

I looooooooooooooooooove cheese on my pasta. Any kind. One reason I am running is I like to eat, lol and there are so many good restaurants here in Europe I would like to travel to, eat without much worry. Heck, I don't even have to travel, just get the ingredients, and have a cooking extravaganza of food I like to eat. nomnomnom hihihi

Uhmmmmmm, I have been meaning to make a blog about cheese making here in the Netherlands. Or the cheese market. I'll do it before Spring time (!!!)

paper said over 2 years ago ...

Hegs thanks for sharing our simple joy!

Definitely love creating rituals with my family. Specially in the kitchen and dining room where it is very cozy place to bond with everyone.

queenparanoia said over 2 years ago ...

gutom ako tuloy. hahhaaha

starchini said over 2 years ago ...

I love your tangents about language, holes in your head, PSH! You know three (prolly more) languages! You havent any holes in your head.

I want know all about netherland cheese...I might not have a very experienced cheese palet but based on what I have tried, my all time favorite is a big cub of room temperature FETA, yummmy...

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