Zzzz...uhhh...need to post... zzz...AWAKE again(09.01.12)



I have had the tab open for yakkstr for half an hour now to create at least a semi-intelligent post for the day, as opposed to unintelligible. See where this is going? lol

But I keep on changing to other tabs (8!) I have open because I can't focus!

Well, I think no matter how long I wait, nothing profound is coming out of this brain. Not that there usually is.

This is me sleep drunk. Even after 2 hours nap with P and the littlest. The older girls giggled the whole afternoon while they drawed and painted together after coming home from school and eating light late lunch. Both are too alive after school to nap, at best they lie down for rest while reading a book or again drawing.

Okaaaaaaaaaaay. Just going to rattle off how the day has been, that I won't forget: it has been a good day.

I went to bed last night earlier - MUCH - earlier than I have done the entire holidays (11 pm). P went four hours ahead of me, but kept tossing and turning. We usually calm each other to sleep but the past weeks of my chroic insomnia has been challenging for both of us, and I am so grateful that he understood my need to be alone during the night. It made it easier for me to work on my self, in my own time, and deal with the sleepless night.

I've been promising him a massage for months, and last night I finally gave him one. Something he richly deserve after all the pampering he gave each and everyone in the family even though he was on holiday himself, was not feeling great himself because of colds, and the week long excitement around his almost yearly stint for one week on radio with his long time friend. He was even surprised that after I finished a thorough back massage, I went on his entire body. I like how little he expects but is very appreciative of every little one does for him.

In between, I had to attend to the persistent cough of K, middle daughter, who was bothered by it that she could not fall asleep.

As I was about to end the massage, and K finally stopped coughing, P's restless energy turned to amorous energy. Massage seems conducive for this recycling process. :D

Then littlest woke up. LOL

As mentioned before we all had our sleeping patterns whacked, and since it was expected we were quiet laid back, and was ready to deal with everything. So, littlest had four hours of sleep (she went to bed the same time as P), and then could no longer sleep from midnight (after I finished the massage) until around 1 am. P needed to wake up at 3 am. After an hour of cuddling with us, she finally said, "I go back to my bed now, Mommy." P could finally with me, release the amorous energy, and snored not long after.

Somehow in between I fell asleep as well but in the periphery between sleep and wakefulness, I heard that littlest woke up again!

In the end P stood up even before the alarm went off. Littlest sent him off with a, "Be careful. Have a nice day, Dada!", and finally drifted off to sleep land peacefully.

So deep that when the two alarms for me, that P prepared for me, went after another, she was like a log, and did not even budge.

Girls, specially K, went automatically with their morning rituals, and before I was finished preparing their breakfast, and their lunch to go, they were ready to sit by the table. As they ate breakfast, I dressed the littlest in bed, while she still continued sleeping. lol

I drank my mug of camomille tea, got littlest out of bed, and put her in front of her breakfast. She was bobbing her head to and from, and the girls were hysterically laughing at the site she presented. This finally woke her up. She cried and whined a bit, I gave her space, and put my Winter stuff on (jacket, scarf, cap, and handgloves), and she was already chirpy before I finished, "I drank my tea, Mommy. Cookie is in my bag!" I told her she could not bring the cookie since I packed her second breakfast in her bag. Sweets and treats are not allowed at school (unless someone has a birthday).

We were all on time, and a bit to spare - no unnecessary squabbling or bad mood, hurra! lol

It was great biking again early in the morning. We still caught a beautiful sight of the moon. As I always do with littlest (girls bike way faster than I, so they always go ahead before us) during early morning bike rides, we say goodnight to the moon, say goodmorning to all the animals on the fields, fowl friends swimming in the ditches, we meet on the way. I did not realise how much I missed this ritual we have!

She was happy to be at school again, and I was happy to leave a cheerful child amongst other little people like her.

I shopped got roses for the kitchen. This is something I consider a luxury, that continues to warm my heart everytime I see it in our kitchen.

Before I started eating my actual breakfast, I called B, P's mom and the girls adopted Omi. It was a lovely call to catch up, since our last get together the first day of the New Year. We arranged to have tea-time, and dinner after my first race this year this coming Sunday.

Then just like that it was time to go and pick-up littlest from school. I brought the girls caps because they forgot them, and only used their hoods to keep them warm as they biked their way to school. Littlest was very proud to give it to them, and she earned as usual a round of, "Aaah, ooh, zo'n een schatje!" such a sweetie!

She fell asleep on the way home after a fun shopping (yes,I need to go twice for groceries because our family have big appetite - perhaps from all the biking!lol).

P's day was unusually short today, and I was grateful that this time I did not have to perform a circus act of balancing the groceries off the basket of the bicycle, and taking littlest off her bike seat.

We had tea time together, with scones, and I love hearing P sigh with pleasure after this treat. I wrote my mom and brothers about this and that (blog to follow, long story) and promised again that I will finally arranged the skype chat via web-cam.

The girls came home soon after, and they had their late lunch before P, littlest and I resigned to our bed for a much needed nap.

We woke up ready to sleep again through the entire evening but since we were trying to get back to our rhythm, we stood up. I served a very simple dinner, and the older girls retired to bed after talking about our week's schedule (to blog next time).

There were a lot of funny, endearing moments, that I am not able to write out now, and I will try to recall tomorrow with more details. It's just simply fun being with the girls(even with the dramas, that only girls can create!!!LOL), and more fun having a partner, who enthusiastically share every bits of it (who can also laugh about the dramas!).

Now, here I am trying to record at least some of that here, to capture some of how our first official Monday of the New Year begun.


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starchini said over 2 years ago ...

What a beautiful life/day/series of moments/recollection : )

hegemone said over 2 years ago ...

Sounds like a wonderful day/night Paper. Busy, sure, lol, but a nice way to be busy. Looks like the year is off on a good foot. :-)

paper said over 2 years ago ...

Thanks, star! I wished I had more discipline to write/continue my handwritten journals recording our daily lives. For example the littlest special way of bringing joy to each one of us. She demands a lot of attention and love, but gives as much back if not more.

Thanks hegs for thinking so, I feel the same way. :) Specially after one "drama bomb" after another from my father's side of the family, did not even affect me as it used it - it used to paralyze and make me sick for weeks, if not for months.

But I think all those years of depression made me stronger to finally say, "No!" in my mind, heart and spirit. I will not let anyone or anything steal any more years from my life with negative energy.

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