Easing back to Reality (08.01.12)



Uh oh, tomorrow morning might just be tad painful for each member of the family, when the alarm clock goes! As our holidays end, we sadly bid staying up way late into the night, and sleeping into the afternoon, adieu with a bit of heart-ache. lol

P's work schedule is relatively "good", he has the weekend free! Monday starts extremely early though, he has to stand up at three because his job begins at around 4:30 am. Luckily it's only in Amsterdam, otherwise he would have to wake up much earlier than 3 am to go to the company first.

The girls and I could stand up at 6 am together because we don't have to bike to school until around 7:30 am, but I'll probably stand up with P because I've missed starting the day with him in absolute quiet, simply enjoying each other's company while we drink our respective hot brew.

Then, I could do some writing because I need to revise the blog I submitted to Flying Blue Running, and add a picture they require.

I did not participate at the Egmond aan Zee race this morning. sigh It was simply not wise to run today a 10K after a long pause. I have a good pacing but I was not able to train running on the dunes or on the beach, and considering that, my pacing has only been occasionaly tested through the woods, and mostly I run on flat ground of the countryside or on the asphalt.

But I am already excited for an upcoming race this coming Sunday. I'll write about it this week, which will also be a sort of pre-draft for my next blog entry for Flying Blue Running competition.

This month, we'll be also be busy supporting J, the eldest to choose her new school. It's an exciting first quarter of the year for her. P and I are giddy with excitement as well. More on this next time.

K, middle daughter and M the littlest will share three more years in the same school before K transfer to higher school, too. Time is flying by, I tell yah!

The older girls are very self-sufficient, and independant, that it almost feel that we are only there for the fun part of their education. As early as now, we feel the same way with the littlest! You will probably read more about them in the coming months as my way of trying to get over the anxiety of time just simply going too fast, and our angels growing up too quickly.

I hope tomorrow morning after the girls are all in school, I'll be able to have some peace to set up another account at photobucket or flickr that I can share pictures here again. I know it's not a lot ot have an upgraded account at flickr but I am so stingy with myself like that. There are many things I would like to accomplish first before I feel I've earned that privelege.

Taking pictures of everyday life (and looking at other's images of theirs) calms me a lot, so I've sorely missed doing that the past weeks. Also with the running blog I am trying to get off the ground, I need to take pictures of route I ran, and plan to run. Some of you know that I am training for a marathon, and there are a lot of long distance run on the agenda, so I need to scout for places to do so, that I will not burn-out from running the same route again and again!

That's it for now.

Wishing you all a restful Sunday, and good start in the coming week!


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hegemone said over 2 years ago ...

Well I hope you all are able to start off the week on good notes, I know it can be sluggish to get back into the routine after having so much free time. Time does certainly fly and girls grow so quickly with it. It's always been interesting to read your chronicles on them as they experience milestones here and there, and then to read your obvious joy and love for them as well. I hope you do get time to yourself tomorrow to enjoy a nice day, to send you off into a restful, peaceful slumber that night.

paper said over 2 years ago ...

Thanks hegs, it was unexpectedly smooth start this week! lol

Lots of funny moments. I'll write later when our day has come to an end, and we are all relaxing on the chilla couch. :)

Have a wonderful week, soulsistah!

queenparanoia said over 2 years ago ...

it would be hard at first but i know you'll be okay with the routine with school and all. im glad about your running blog!

paper said over 2 years ago ...

Salamat queenie! It was a smooth start this week as I've already told, hegs. I guess in parts because we were expecting and were prepared for the worst. lol

Yesss, the running blog has been created for more than a month now but as you know illness, holiday and everyday life prevented me from following the schedule I prepared for it.

Now, with the new blogger competition I have to discipline myself to pick up where I left off, and write all the blogs I have been wanting to put there before the floods of readers come, which are in parts followers of the Flying Blue Running site, and the other followers of competing bloggers.

It's going to be challenging but fun times the next weeks of this month, and February, the result will be revealed. Woot! :D

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