Education In America: Learn by studying what works elsewhere

"From his point of view, Americans are consistently obsessed with certain questions: How can you keep track of students' performance if you don't test them constantly? How can you improve teaching if you have no accountability for bad teachers or merit pay for good teachers? How do you foster competition and engage the private sector? How do you provide school choice?

The answers Finland provides seem to run counter to just about everything America's school reformers are trying to do.

For starters, Finland has no standardized tests. "

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lucyt said over 2 years ago ...

Interesting article Rec. Competition in scholastic endeavors has always placed those socioeconomically disadvantaged behind the eight ball so it makes allot of sense to have a system based on equity.

Studies over the years have shown that given the same opportunities it is within the reach of any child to develop into a highly academic contributor in society.

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