By: reckoner

Yakkstr update.

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By: truthserum

Rubio was just whistling pass the grave yard, he knows that the supreme court is their Republican God and will take up any issue contested by Republicans regardless of how full their calendar is. W omens right to contraceptives even though 70 percent of women wanted the benefit that was included in the law.

By: Sean Renaud

True. But I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. And for the sake of clarity the state is only “right” in jailing you in so far as rules are rules. IF the law says I can’t wear white after labor day then punishment is due. The law is however stupid and unjust.

By: reckoner

But he didn’t say anything about going to jail, and the state being right to jail you.

By: Sean Renaud

You know I don’t really disagree with Rubio’s overall message here. Sure ignore is probably the wrong word but the crux of his point was that we have a system where any law can be overturned and if you disagree with said law it is your obligation to work peacefully with the system to change the law.

I wouldn’t just ignore a law, I would flagrantly violate it if I felt that strongly about it. You then go to jail and and hopefully enough other people agree with you that the system changes either with you as a martyr who took one for the team or with you as one of the many straws that broke the camels back. This is where Kim Davis and ultimately Kim Davis supporters epically fail. They don’t grasp the part where standing by your beliefs necessarily entails suffering the consequences of going against your government. While I disagree with Kim Davis her going to prison because she refused to sign marriage certificates is functionally no different from Rosa Parks getting arrested because she refused to give up her seat. (I agree that Rosa was in the right and Kim is in the wrong. That doesn’t change the facts of Civil Disobedience)

By: reckoner

Rubio: ‘God’s rules’ trump Supreme Court decisions

The candidate said "we are called to ignore" any government order to "violate and sin."

By: Sean Renaud

s To ISIS WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senior U.S. officials are literally calling “fowl” after the Thanksgiving turkey pardoned by President Obama publicly defected to the Middle Eastern terrorist group ISIS. Popcorn the Turkey, now calling himself Babakurn al-Turki, was pardoned from the dinner table only yesterday by President Obama in a public ceremony at the White House. Normally the pardoned bird is sent along with its competitor to live out its remaining days at Morven Park’s Turkey Hill in Leesburg, Virginia. However, U.S. officials have now admitted that al-Turki instead hijacked an Osprey out of Andrews Air Force Base in nearby Maryland and flew like a bat out of hell to Syria. A group of senior intelligence officials and ornithologists with birds-eye surveillance of the war-torn country have suggested he is nesting in Raqqah or across the northern border in another neighboring country. Al-Turki, who was originally raised as an animist before converting to Islam, has already appeared in several propaganda clips and tweets for ISIS, gobbling anti-American rhetoric and leaving furious American officials grousing.

By: Sean Renaud

Only 250 million? Wow that’s lower than I expected given the size of the pay outs you hear about. OF course maybe you hear about them because they were crazy.

I’ll have to watch all of those shooting videos eventually but today I’m mostly eating, drinking, drinking, eating, playing football, drinking. Playing Mario Party while drinking. Eating. And watching Jessica Jones once all the putzes wander off. A plan! I haz it!

Also I’m somewhat concerned about going after first degree murder charges. That just never seems to stick because strictly speaking it shouldn’t.

By: reckoner

Police Have No Idea How Laquan McDonald Footage Vanished Right After They Watched It

A Burger King manager says police deleted the restaurant's surveillance video, but police say they have no idea what happened.

By: reckoner

Four new Laquan McDonald shooting videos raise more questions

Newly released videos from four additional police vehicles at the scene of the 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald raise questions about how the city's Police Department documented the killing of an African-American teenager that has led to a Chicago cop being charged with first-degree murder.