Rumors Of Extramarital Affair End Campaign Of Presidential Candidate Who Didn't Know China Has Nuclear Weapons

Why are the comedians the best commentary on the sad state of affairs in our political system? Once again, The Onion nails it.

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alienated said about 3 years ago ...

Poor Herman really never had a chance anyway (even without all his lady 
problems), but to act as if only Republicans have these kinds of problem is
just silly. I know Democrats / LIberals / Socialists think The People are stupid
and cannot remember anything more than a couple of days, but hopefully 
even you know that is not true. We all remember Clinton, the slimeball,
gazing into the TV cameras and saying "Yes, that woman did lick my 
wennie". Or something like that. I forget. I am one of the stupid People. It is
almost as silly to think Herman Cain is any less intelligent than our current
dopy president. Some people claim that Obama is brilliant, but I have yet to
see any brilliance on his part. I cannot think he is very brilliant if he hates
America and Capitalism, thinks raising taxes right now is a good idea, and 
thinks Socialism works. Only a moron would think all that and that is what he 
seems to think. Herman and Obama do have one thing in common: they are
both done. Cain is done now. Obama will be done next year, thank God. 

sean_renaud said about 3 years ago ...

Except everyone thinks socialism works. We just carefully word it so we don't say that.

reckoner said about 3 years ago ...

alien, it's republicans that want to put marriage into the constitution. If you take that stance, then cheat on your wife, or go through 3 wives, etc then you have a problem.

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