WoW's kung fu panda has to be a joke!

Have you seen the new WoW expansion? In the world of WARCRAFT the new race is a chubby Panda that is a weird mix between Kung Fu Panda and the old gummy bears cartoon. They have a racial trait called 'Bouncy' just like the gummy bears, I couldn't make this shit up.

This is the end folks, wow is out of ideas. see here

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queenparanoia said over 2 years ago ...

i havent played wow in along time now. and that is the weirdest thing i heard from that game.

reckoner said over 2 years ago ...

Wow, that is retarded.

wardeen said over 1 year ago ...

Obviously you didnt play warcraft 3: Frozen Throne LOL. Noob bastard. xD And that was waaaay back before kung fu panda was made.

reckoner said over 1 year ago ...

But that doesn't make it cool

cdawg said over 1 year ago ...

It may not make it cool, but it's definitely more cool than not knowing anything about the king of mmos??? People have been begging for the Panda since Wow was concepted. In fact, the rumor is that pandas were supposed to be in B.C. but their were problems...

cdawg said over 1 year ago ...

But, I digress...You don't mind playing with orcs, gnomes, and dwarves, but...oh yea, the panda is where I draw the line! We've gone too far to be cool now, boys!

reckoner said over 1 year ago ...

I've moved on to d3 :)

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