Nikita Khrushchev was a Russian gangster, in other words, a politician. He was a big fan of Stalin the fearless leader until a few years after the crazy shithead died, and then when Stalin went out of fashion, Nikita didn't care for him anymore and called him a shmuck and a doody.

Nikita became the leader of the Soviet Union and remained so in the 50s and 60s. He told America We Will Bury You.

He had very sweaty and smelly feet. One time in the United Nations he took his shoes off to air out his smelly feet and he banged his shoes on a table to kill a New York City roach. He then announced that he would like to go to Disneyland. The mean Americans, basically Walt Disney, said he couldn't go because they didn't have enough cops in America to protect his big fat silly ass.

He was pissed as hell about not being allowed into Disneyland so he sent nuclear weapons to Cuba. Can you blame him? I mean really? Mickey Mouse and all. He wanted to meet Mickey.

Then President Kennedy told him to fuck off, but he said it in a Boston accent so it sounded nice.

Khrushchev made a little side deal with Kennedy. He said okay, I'll pull the nuclear weapons out of Cuba but you have to stop killing Castro. It seems that America had killed Castro several times and Nikita wanted to put a stop to this. So Kennedy agreed to stop killing Castro, and Khrushchev pulled his nuclear weapons out of Cuba.

And that's the story of Nikita Khrushchev.

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rollingc said over 3 years ago ...

Americans killed Castro several times?? How many lives does that guy have anyway??

You're wrong about Khrushchev having smelly feet though...whenever he took his shoes off to stamp them on the table in the United Nations meetings none of the other Ambassadors feinted or held their noses or made a face even.

Makes you wonder about politicians.

lfbno7 said over 3 years ago ...

They liked it. Sort of like a ripe camembert.

skald said over 3 years ago ...

I remember well when he was banging his shoes. lol

Now you have to do one on Gorbaschoff. Oh boy I don't know how one spells that.

soaringraven said over 3 years ago ...

Actually I always thought the Cuban Missle crisis was over Nikki's envy of Jack's custom made rocking chair. He may have been angry over Disneyland as well, who really knows. He eventually retired to a small potato farm in Siberia where he made vodka to sell on the black market.


rollingc said 10 months ago ...

And good Vodka at that...an X- politician making good Vodka.....go figure.

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