Food poisoning

I think food poisoning is a lot more common than you think it is. I think a lot of people get it in restaurants, especially buffets where the food is sitting out there waiting for you to dig in.

I think I got food poisoning a few weeks ago from Wei's Buffet in Roselle, New Jersey. I tasted something, maybe a crab cake or something, and soon enough I was having digestive problems. It tasted sour. It didn't taste like it's supposed to.

I was really pretty messed up for a week or two. It was so bad that I thought it was a symptom of colon cancer and I scheduled some testing. I called my life insurance agent to see if I could get more at a reasonable price. I started wondering if my wife could survive financially if I was dead.

Years ago I was at a hotel buffet. I think it was the Doubletree in Somerset NJ. A piece of melon tasted sour. I spit it out but it was too late. It messed me up for a week or so, even gave me fever, kept me out of work.

I was actually surprised when I started to get better this past week. That indicates to me that no, my malaise was not caused by colon cancer, it was just some damn food poisoning. Even so, I'm going through with the testing. My symptoms are all gone.

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scipio said over 3 years ago ...

During summer, try to avoid foods which are left in the open like salads and fish etc. They rot pretty fast without showing any signs of decay.

zsuzsio said over 3 years ago ...

I have an extremely sensitive stomach. After each meal I suffer from having gas and bloated stomach. When I started eating Ethiopian food first I loved it, even though I was never a fan of hot and spicy foods. But after a while - not longer than two weeks in a row - eating it every day, my stomach just couldn't take it any more. I was in the bathroom all the time. I had to stop eating that food. I also realized that the food is being made with way too much oil, and way too much spices, so my sensitive stomach probably just couldn't take all that, but it wasn't food poisoning after all. About two years ago I've had a stomach virus that made me go to the bathroom every minute, and I've had these painful and smelly burps. The doctor said that the virus infected both on the low and the high stomach area, and that is why my body did what it did. I can only imagine that food poisoning must be very much like these events in my life, so believe me, I feel for you. I myself was thinking about doing all kinds of tests, but I guess I am just too lazy to do so.

All I can say is, that no matter what makes you go to the bathroom all the time, it is no fun and I'm sorry to hear that you have to go thorough it.

lucyt said over 3 years ago ...

If it doesn't smell right it doesn't go in my mouth LOL

If it has been sitting in the open for more than half an hour I am NOT eating it.

Buffets? No thanks, they are a feast of poisons just waiting for you.

hegemone said over 3 years ago ...

That's one reason why I don't often eat at buffets, between the food sitting out in the open for an unknown amount of time (who cares if it's on a warmer, it's still exposed to air), people coming up and handling it (because not everybody has the etiquette to use the utensils), and children (enough said) it just doesn't sound appetizing.

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