Big Brother update

Some of the idiotic moves made by the players in Big Brother came home to roost this evening as that utter bonehead Matt and the dunce Brendan were both evicted, and deservedly so.

When Matt was evicted, he confessed to Julie that he threw his last head of household competition thinking he was perfectly safe. Why throw a head of household competition? The moron said because he wanted to make sure he could be in the next one. What about the one after that, you pinhead?

Why would the idiot think he was safe? Just the week before he found out that the rest of his 4-man Brigade alliance had decided to throw him out of the house. Why would that idiot think he was safe? This guy didn't draw one correct conclusion the entire season.

When Julie asked Matt why he betrayed his best friend and only true ally Ragan in the game, Matt answered that he knew he could talk his way out of it. Well, he couldn't talk his way out of it. This is the arrogance of the pathological liar. I can say whatever I want because I'm so good at talking my way out of it.

As for dunce Brendan, everyone in the house wanted him out, and they voted him out the first chance they could. It was his own fault because in the early weeks, when he had ample opportunity to build an alliance around himself and his girlfriend, he didn't even try. He didn't play the game. It is a game of alliances, and he didn't play it, so of course he was evicted by people who did form an alliance.

In fact, dunce Brendan alienated all the unaligned people who would have been perfect allies for him if he wasn't a moron.

This has been the stupidest season of Big Brother in the show's history.

What will happen next? Most likely the 3-man Brigade alliance of Enzo, Hayden and Lane will coast on in to victory unless Ragan and Britney can keep winning competitions and spare themselves from eviction. There are 3 on the offensive and 2 on the defensive.

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silverphoenix said over 3 years ago ...

Hey, I have analyzed those two guys the same way! Matt is a liar and idiot. Worst part to me was his cocky attitude when he thought he was getting away with it all! I was waiting for karma and he sure got it. As for britney and ragan..they better win HOH and unite to keep each other in the game. It'd be awesome I think for those 2 to make it to finals. As for the Brigade, they just crack me up!

lfbno7 said over 3 years ago ...

Brigade. Hayden is a funny kid. He's very young and he is over the top sometimes in his reactions. Lane is kind of adorable in the way he teases with Britney, and she's cute with him. Enzo is a crackup. He calls himself the meow meow. That is odd, no? His Joisy accent is funny, his Mafioso way of talking. He belongs on The Sopranos.

silverphoenix said over 3 years ago ...

I agree completely! Hayden is totally surfer guy too. Lane and britney are cute, and perhaps they are doing that as part of their games too. Enzo aka meow meow is freakin hilarious! He's the only one that makes me laugh out loud! Yep, The Sopranos would have worked for the meow meow.

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