Ahhhhhh........................................and breath.

here lies a place, where without barriers i can be me.

My god what a year this is turning out to be.

I still don't have to words to express everything that is happening and what has happened.

today however, i went to view my gran at the chapel of rest.

I've never seen someone before so wasn't sure how it was going to affect me.

But although i wasn't sure i 100% wanted to go, and i've got to say and all i can say is that my gran looked beautiful.

She looked like she was sleeping and had finally stopped hurting and aching and the fight was gone.

She looked sweet and peaceful and as a result it made me feel better.

I pray that my dad will be ok, please someone keep him safe because i have no idea how to. ill write more later.........................out for now xxxx

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queenparanoia said over 2 years ago ...

death can be beautiful especially if you accepted it... i guess your grans resting now. what happened to your dad?

uniquely-learning said over 2 years ago ...

It is always a difficult decision to know whether to attend a viewing/funeral or just remember then in life. I'm glad you had some peaceful closure. I'm sure it will be hard on your Dad, but he has you so that makes it a little easier.

coffeebreak said over 2 years ago ...

queen- my dad is struggelin wit the lose of his mum. It's horrible, he's highly stressed and u can see it all of this is wearin on him.

U-L. The viewing has definately given me my moment to say goodbye, in the still and the peace. I can't believe i have to go to a funeral, this is so cruel. I know she was my gran and older but not really that old, how can life get to be so unfair, i was just starting to get to know her again. Her body was weak and suffering and everyone said you could see she needed to stop fighting. I just wish I had been prepared xx

uniquely-learning said over 2 years ago ...

Grandparents leave us too soon. That is for sure. I know I was just getting to really enjoy mine when she passed. The grandfathers left me well before that. Life has it's cycles. They seem harsh, but without them we would get all jumbled up with too many generations. Remember your gran with love and she lives on forever in you.

woman said over 2 years ago ...

Our loved ones always always leave us too soon. I'm glad seeing her made you feel more peaceful. You have my sympathy and my wishes that you will take care of yourself. woman

hegemone said over 2 years ago ...

So sorry for your loss, but I am glad that the viewing was able to give you some peace. I hope that you, your dad and the rest of your family will be all right.

coffeebreak said over 2 years ago ...

Sorry for the late reply.

thank you all for your kind words, but nothing makes this easier.

The funeral was yesterday.

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