Did they want to get caught?

There's a pathological liar on the tv series Big Brother named Matt. Early in the show he made up a lie to everyone that his wife has a rare disease. After that, he told some more whoppers and was revealed as a liar to everyone else in the cast. He's not happy unless he's lying. Does he want to get caught? Does he want to experience the shame? For some reason does he get a kick out of getting caught being a baaaaaad boy, being spanked in public?

Is it fun for him to experience the rush of excitement when you tell a huge lie? And is it also fun to experience the anxiety of worrying if you will be found out? Is it fun for him to get found out, to get exposed, to be the target of shame?

Take a look at Bill Clinton. Something about the way he smiled. He seemed like a pervert to me, in the sense of a guy about to rip off his clothes in front of a shocked woman. Something about the way he smiled. He was Slick Willie, a smooth liar, and I suspect that he wanted to get caught with his pants down. When the sex scandal hit, when all the Republicans were so excited that they were having sexual orgasms just thinking about all the ridicule, all the shame, even the impeachment, is it possible that the one in the room who was most turned on by all the oral sexcapade revelations was Slick Willie himself? Something about the way he smiled makes me think yes, he was getting off on it. He wanted to be caught with his hand in the cookie jar and then to be spanked by his mommy for it.

Look at Jesse Jackson and the way he blubbered when he got caught in a sex scandal, blubbering in public on microphone. To me, it sounded like a form of masturbation on his part, public masturbation. I think he liked it. I think he reveled in the shame.

Look at Jimmy Swaggart, same story. Oh, how I have sinned. Oh I'm such a baaaaad boy. Spank me please, I deserve it.

Public masturbation with tears. I think there's a connection between being a pathological liar and wanting to get caught and shamed because it feels so good inside. I can't relate to it myself but I think it's a personality trait shared by some.

Maybe it's even courageous, like the courage of a two year old who steals that cookie knowing he may get punished for it. Don't do that? Okay, I will.

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superbozo said over 3 years ago ...

Well not sure....One thing I do know is that it seems to be getting more common. When they lie, If they get believed they enjoy the sence that you believed something that didin't happen, or feel they are somehow admired for what it is they are lying about. People do some pretty strange things for their own self indulgence. I'm not sure Clinton wanted to get caught, but I think your right in that he enjoyed that people knew he got a blow job.

rollingc said over 3 years ago ...

It shows that human beings...no matter how powerful or important they become...are still human beings and the temptation to do something that is not considered " proper " or not right.

msstar39 said over 3 years ago ...

I have a son in law like that, he has told so many lies, that you don't know what to believe anymore.

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