It is not something a decent person cheers

"America, moreover, has a law on the books that makes it a crime not to treat and try to save a human being who walks into an emergency room. So we have already made that collective decision and if the GOP wants to revisit it, they can.

Here's how: offer an honest proposal from the GOP to repeal the emergency room care law. Why not? If you are going to repeal universal health insurance, then make your libertarian principles coherent. And make the case that people unable or unwilling to buy health insurance deserve the consequences. That makes sense. And the question of why Perry or Ryan or Bachmann support this free-rider loophole in contradiction to their principles is one worth asking again and again.

Of course, even if such libertarian purity does make sense, that cannot excuse the emotional response to the issue in the crowd last night. Maybe a tragedy like the death of a feckless twentysomething is inevitable if we are to restrain healthcare costs. But it is still a tragedy. It is not something a decent person cheers. Similarly the execution of hundreds, while perhaps defensible politically and even morally (although I differ), is nonetheless a brutal, awful business. You don't delight in it. And the same is true of torture. Even if you want to defend its use in limited circumstances, it remains an absolute evil, no humane person would want to do it, and no civilized person would brag of it or dismiss any moral issue with it at all. And yet that is what Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney have repeatedly done. They are positively proud of their torture record.

The fish rotted from the head down. Last night, we got a whiff of the smell."

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woman said over 3 years ago ...

It's a sad thing that people can be like this. It's a frightening thing that people like this could be in office. Where does all of this hate come from? I've been around for a lot of years and I don't ever remember people responding in this manner. And no. It's not something a decent person cheers.

d6fer said over 3 years ago ...

Woman, were you around when liberals were spitting on soldiers returning from the Vietnam war? Are you sure you don't remember people with that much hate?

Just a few years ago there was a film made where George Bush was killed.....that seems pretty hate filled to me.

A hypothetical idiot is let to die and you have a big problem with that?

reckoner said over 3 years ago ...

These absurd generalizations are beneath you d6. I enlisted in the army, how about you? I spent a year deployed with my life on the line for this country, how about you?

soaringraven said over 3 years ago ...

No more absurd than a hypothetical scenario created purely for political show.

reckoner said over 3 years ago ...

That's a serious hypothetical that will become reality if we follow the tea party. How do you feel so strongly about abortion while defending this?

d6fer said over 3 years ago ...

The generalizations I made were real.....your hypothetical 30 year old was not.

d6fer said over 3 years ago ...

dead hypothetical man had a choice....dead hypothetical baby didn't

reckoner said over 3 years ago ...

Blaming current people for the errors of past people is dishonest. Liberals have black marks in their history as do conservatives. Right now we have to deal with the present, and one day I bet you'll look back a wish you'd stood up and said that this is too far.

The hypothetical is real. Every day in America people go into the emergency room that need urgent life saving care and who don't have insurance. They get treated because of a law requiring it. If Ron Paul and the tea party got their way manta of those people would be turned away.

This happened to my brother, he had severe accident, a severe cut on his arm, and he had no insurance. He would have bled to death without medical attention. It is NOT a hypothetical, it's a reality everyday.

alienated said over 3 years ago ...

"Obama can't write legislation. He can only sign it and try to sway public opinion."

Those are your words. I think what you are saying there is that the president 
cannot really do that much. 

So why does Perry or any of the Republicans worry you so much? I no longer
really care who the next president is because the president, as you say, can
really do very little on his own. If more Democrats had common sense and a
little more backbone, Obamacare would not have passed. Many of the 
Democrats who voted for it did not even run again last year. I assume they
knew they would lose. The Senate and House will be firmly Republican after
the next election, so whoever is president will only get certain things by them.

No president is going to be perfect, but at least Perry has experience and a
record ... something Obama did not have. Perry's record speaks for itself. His
state, Texas, is undeniably the most successful state in the union when it 
comes to the most important issues, the issues that affect all states.

No president gets to reshape the nation in their image, not even Obama,
because good Americans, even good Democrats, will oppose them at every
opportunity. Perry will be no different. He will learn to control his tendencies
to tell the truth as he sees it and he will work with congress to do the things
that need to be done. Unlike Obama who lies and makes deals and pays
off his supporters with "stimulus" packages.

We currently have a fish that started out rotten and for some reason your
smeller stopped working when it comes to him. Your protests about Perry
seem more than lame in light of your willingness to look the other way day
after day as Obama lies, and cheats, and steals our freedoms and our 
money. But keep it up. As D6 says, you know how well a Republican is 
doing by how much the Liberals hate him.

I heard Anne Colter (what a great lady) say that the Republican candidate
will have been a governor (Republicans are required to have experience
unlike Democrats who evidently just have to have a penis). So that leaves us
with Perry and Romney. Republicans did not want Romney last time and they
will not want him this time. So hear what you want out of the debates and
keep up the lame rhetoric. Perry will be our guy and, unfortunately, Obama
will be your guy. It will not be a rematch of an inexperience oaf (Obama) and 
a RINO (McCain). Obama now has a record, a very poor record, and Perry is
no RINO.

And no one delights in torture and you know it. What does Cheney have to do
with anything? That is the real question. Why not mention Lincoln. He tortured
people too, right? How about LBJ. He used to get naked on airforce I in front
of his family. Why not bring that up? Clinton got a blow job in the oval office.
Is that relavent? Talk about your rotten fish. 

alienated said over 3 years ago ...

Sorry. With the ass backward commenting, I often comment without even realizing 
that there a dozen comments before mine. 

Ron Paul shot his load as I understand it. His has never been electible simply because
he does not look the part (do not blame me for that, blame the American Idol 
mentality that America has today). His oppinion of 9/11 reflects that of Osama Bin 
Ladin, not to mention his other silly notions. He is done.

Michelle Bachmann does not have a penis so no Democrat will vote for her (do not
blame me if Democrats picked Obama over Hillary for evident that reason).

As far as the emergency room deal ... if there were not so many illegals here,
using the ER, that would not be an issue. If Texas schools were not full of
Mexican kids that can barely speak English, the education picture in Texas 
would look a lot different. At least they are being taken care of. Is that not
what LIberals want -- a free ride for illegal immigrants? More rotten fish.

d6fer said over 3 years ago ...

I wonder what hypothetical man would do if there were no law to protect him from himself?

If there were no safety net?

No big brother holding his hand through life?

He would have insurance because he would know that insurance would be his safety net.

If the law didn't exist in the 1st place insurance would be cheaper, because the pool would be larger. Pre-existing conditions wouldn't be pre-existing because people would already have insurance.

Would there be people to fall between the cracks of such system? Absolutely, but as long as I can remember, the people of this nation have pulled together and helped those in need....The smaller the number of those in need means that there are more resources to give them.

Liberalism has done nothing but create a needy class of citizens....one so large that it is nearly impossible to take care of.

reckoner said over 3 years ago ...

That's a complete fantasy. Think about all the unemployed right now due to the economy. They can't buy insurance because they are broke and jobless.

We have not adequately helped those in need in the past. That's why we gave the programs we have.

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