The Republican Party...

I watched the debates between the Republican party candidates the other night. I didn't watch the whole thing, but I watched bits and pieces of it off and on. When Jersey Shore was running commercials.

I'm just joking. I don't watch Jersey Shore. I don't even have cable, nor would I even be remotely interested in seeing other peoples' lives on television, especially one that promotes and celebrates ignorance and bad behavior.

The sad part is, most of America did watch Jersey Shore over the Republican debates, according to Nielsen ratings, Reuters reports.

I can't say which was a greater waste of time. Jersey Shore or the Republican candidates' debate in Iowa.

The way I saw it, not a single candidate really distinguished him/herself. Not one separated themselves from the pack. They were all a bunch of grey suits. Talking heads with their talking points, sloganeering, finger pointing, enough blame to spread on everyone's fail toast... Not one with a single policy solution. Bunch of middle-aged, over-privileged twinks who aren't in touch with majority of the country. The only thing the debates the other night proved to me was that there wasn't a single serious candidate among the bunch.

“Who wouldn’t take that deal, 10 dollars in spending cuts for every one in tax increases?� asked Fox News moderator Bret Baier, at the Republican presidential primary debate Thursday night in Ames, Iowa. Every single one of the candidates raised their hands, to loud applause.

From NY Times: "as if Mr. Baier had just asked whether they liked puppies or whether they had voted for Ronald Reagan. Not a single candidate gave any hint that he or she would even entertain such a totally one-sided compromise.

In other words, all the candidates were essentially saying that they wouldn’t embrace fiscal reform if it included even a penny of additional taxation. No compromise could possibly be favorable enough to earn their support."

One more excerpt from that same article: "what any independent-minded voter saw in that moment were eight people who were not, in fact, serious about governing. They were serious about pandering to the marginal elements of their party. That’s about it."

During the time when it's been made abundantly clear in polls after polls that majority of Americans support a tax increase or at least the end of tax loopholes to the wealthiest of Americans, every one of these candidates showed unflinching support and unwavering loyalty to their corporate paymasters.

Just take a look at this Infographic. This is a breakdown of the GOP debates. Just a statistical analysis of the words used in the debates, which candidate said how many words, etc. Three debates totaling five and a half hours, with a total word count of 53'025. Kind of a silly statistic, right? I mean, who cares about how many words were said? We're more interested in what they said, am I right?

Well... Let's take a closer look at the word cloud in the infographic. It shows what words were said how many times. There are 5+ mentions of Obamacare, corporations, entitlements and mandates (meaning that probably more than one candidate has mentioned these words), at least one mention of Shari'a Law, anti-chicken, dogfood, Christmas with Elvis, Micky Mouse, polygamy and heroin.

And yet, not a single candidate mentioned the words: The Middle Class.

Associated Press won the award for the euphemism of the month with the title, "Republican debate strains some facts" because according to politifact.com, there were some good ones ranging from "mostly true" to "pants-on-fire" lies.

But then again, what was I expecting from this crop of candidates, right? It's like trying to find the shiniest turd in a pile of manure. When you have Rush Limbaugh stammering and finding himself speechless over the debate (quote, "I'm sorry, but this Ron Paul is going to destroy this party. This is nuts on parade."), you know there are problems.

Romney's already done. He's pretty much finished. Not only does the guy have the personality of a piece of driftwood, he's already had a couple of major gaffs, like telling unemployed workers in in Florida that his $200 million dollar ass is "also unemployed" to saying that "corporations are people, my friend" (guaranteed that the guy he was talking to was not Romney's friend) after having mysterious corporations form, donate millions to Romney PAC, then dissolve not just once, twice, but three times.

Pawlenty's already out after placing a distant third in the Ames straw poll behind Bachmann and Paul. Dropped out of the race. Already? Seems a bit premature, but I guess he was never a viable candidate to begin with. No sense in beating a dead horse, I guess. Bachmann's totally crazy and a super-hypocrite (receiving federal money for her pray-away-the-gay-camp), and Rick Perry (sometimes referred to as Bush-lite) didn't even show up to the debate because he's too busy holding prayer vigils for the economy because the economy can only be saved by divine intervention.

Perry's also the guy who thinks Texas should be able to secede from the Union, opt out of Social Security, and he believes that everything from federal public school programs to clean air laws are unconstitutional. Now he's even come out and said that Social Security and Medicare are also unconstitutional. Said that Social security is a ponzi scheme. This is also the guy who presided over the execution of an innocent man, the governor of a state that ranks 1st in percentage of population that is uninsured. 1st in teenage birth rate(thanks largely to abstinence only sex education). 1st in air pollution emissions. 1st in amount of toxic chemical released into the water. 1st in amount of carbon dioxide emissions. 1st in annual number of executions ­. 1st in % of uninsured children. 1st in % of people over 25 without a high school diploma. 1st in % of non-elderly uninsured. 2nd in public school enrollment ­. 43rd in high school graduation rate. 4th in % of population living below the poverty level. 16th in prevalence of obesity in adults. 45th in % of voting age population that votes. Takes in a lot more federal money than it pays in federal taxes. Billions of dollars in debt. The vast majority of "jobs" created under Rick Perry are minimum wage or lower.(Source) Brilliant leadership. But he's a Christian and he prays about it, so that's okay. Right? Oh and a voter ID bill that would exclude holders of vet IDs. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Here is a really amusing article about Rick Perry from the Daily Beast in where they talk about Rick Perry is a guy who will basically say and do anything to win.

I know the Lord works in mysterious ways and all, but why would the all-powerful, omniscient, omnipresent deity tell two people in the same party to run for the presidency? Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry both have come out and said, "God told me to run".

When you talk to God, that's called a prayer. When God talks to you, I think that's called schizophrenia, isn't it? Just sayin is all.

The rest of them were just a bunch of duds. Huntsman, Cain, Johnson... All duds. Gingrich just has too many skeletons in his closet (and that's saying a lot coming from this bunch), and Santorum... Well... Just don't google his name. Please don't google his name.

A bunch of hot air and nothing else.

Oh and there's Fred Karger. Nobody knows what he has to say on any of the issues because he wasn't at the debates the other night. Why? It's definitely not because he's openly Gay and FoxNews, just like Jesus, hates that shit.

What happened to the Republican party?

I mean, I just don't get it.

A Republican (Nixon) founded the EPA, today's GOP wants to destroy it.

Teddy Roosevelt pushed for free national parks to preserve the country's beauty for future generations, today's GOP would sell off that same land to be drilled by oil companies.

Lincoln fought to unite the United States, because a house divided against itself can not stand, today's GOP takes every opportunity to create a wedge between Americans to prevent them from organizing against the stripping of their civil liberties.

Even Reagan's economic policy was strongly in favor of private capital and shrinking government. Yet he did raise taxes and never used the debt ceiling as a political bargaining chip.

So what kind of a conclusion can I draw from this? It's this and only this: Today's GOP only policy is destruction. Destruction of the legacy created by both Republicans and Democrats in the 20th century. They are nihilists who want the world to burn just to say "We told you so." Following them or even humoring them is a suicide pact.

Infrastructure investment? No. Space program? No. Manufacturing? No. Environment protection? No. Alternative energy? No. Healthcare? No. Privacy rights? No. Civil rights? No. Human rights (including the Geneva Conventions and the UN)? No.

A party of "No".

Except for the military. A big chest thumping "yes" on the military.

And of fucking the poor. A big haughty "yes" on fucking the poor while they sit in their jewel-filled bathtubs smoking their cigars wearing their top hat and monocles.

Oh and on the other side of the political aisle? Things aren't any better. California Democratic Party May Dump Its Progressive Caucus for Proposing a Primary Challenge to Obama. Full article here. How dare these progressives entertain the notion of putting up a challenger against the anointed one? The great compromiser, (the great pretender is more like it. Pretending to care about the middle class, pretending to be a progressive)? How dare they try to steer the party to the left when they are so entrenched and comfortable in the center?

I would loooove to see an election race between Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. Maybe even throw in Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan for good measure.

Too bad these guys are all seen as kooks and not taken seriously in the overall debate. It's really too bad. Even if these guys themselves aren't taken seriously (that's really the fault of the media), the issues they bring up should be taken seriously.


This is why I don't talk politics with people. Because most of the times, I'm relegated with the kooks while it's business as usual.

Carry on.

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alienated said almost 4 years ago ...

I have to admit, you have some good points there. The Republicans are in almost the same
bad shape as the Democrats / Liberals / Socialists. However, in their defense. let me just 
pluck one statement out of your long list of nonsense ...

    I would loooove to see an election race between Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. 
    Maybe even throw in Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan for good measure.

I rest my case.

grapekoolaid said almost 4 years ago ...

Hey, it's not like Paul, Kucinich, Nader and Buchanan are any worse than the talking suits that tow the party line.

I would much rather see Kucinich than Obama.

alienated said almost 4 years ago ...

I would rather see a chipmonk than Obama.

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