I Began with a Brisk Walk

Tuesday, 9th of August, 2011 01:03

8km begins 8th of August, 2011

image taken Monday, 8th of August, 2011 20:23

I ought to be sleeping but I am still hyper from excitement!!

The most rewarding part of a personal project or a goal for me is journaling about it; I should have written about how the day was after taking the shower, which I took after my brisk walk. Alas, I got distracted.

My sleeping pattern is improving more and more, and I am optimistic that come the beginning of the new school year of the girls, it will no longer pose a challenge for me, like it did in the past decade. While it is still the Summer holiday, though, I am allowing myself to stay up after midnight! :)

So, here is how Monday went:

It was a now or never day to register for the 8km run.

For the umpteenth time this year, I visited the official website of the Amsterdam marathon, and finally registered. It went fairly quick, except with the small hump when it was time to pay. More details about this in a private post.

When that was dealt with, I was very pleased to receive the email confirming my registration. It was done!

I hugged, kissed and thanked P because his positivity helped me in making my final step or to be specific my first step towards a goal I have had for so long! :)

In previous months, I have saved links to online training guides, and I decided on following Hal Higdon's 8-K Training Guide.

2005, I was in a running group in Hamburg, and I bought books (I can't find them now but I will share the titles tomorrow) to train for the marathon before I joined to read up. Many life changes has happened since then, I still have the books but I thought it would be fun to try something new.

According to the first day on the program, Mondays are for Stretch & Strength.

Since I have not measured - as I intended to before registering! - how fast I could walk an 8km distance, I decided to use the first day of my training to do just that. P cautioned me to take it slow, and suggested a 2km walk instead.

But I was stubborn. lol

Giving in, we planned routes for me using Google map to measure the distances of the possible routes.

In the end, with the littlest seated in her jogger, she became my first companion in my first day of traning. With more than a couple of stops to attend to the littlest, pushing a rather heavy jogger, I walked 8kms in a normal pace 1 hour and 40 minutes.

LOL I did not remember the jogger being so heavy by the way. Since we moved in the Netherlands, we almost never had to use the jogger or any stroller for that matter. Not as much as we did while we lived in Germany.

Tomorrow (or today actually) morning, I will see how I fare without the jogger.

Beside a tiny graze behind my left heel, I was unscathed on this first day of training. :)

I will make a separate post for impressions along the trails of the walks/runs I've done and will be doing.

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paper said over 2 years ago ...


wombat said over 2 years ago ...

Kudos! I remember the feeling of movement, but maybe you need to push me awhile to get me going again. Keep on truckin'!

hegemone said over 2 years ago ...

How exciting! This makes me want to go outside and go for a run, lol, but it's sort of night time out and no street lights so I'd probably better not. That's still a pretty impressive time to me. I think in all reality, maybe I do want to go out and do a little activity, especially since the weather has cooled. I'm not up to running (too klutzy and too much weight for my knees), but going for good brisk walks this week sounds like an excellent idea!

queenparanoia said over 2 years ago ...

yay!!! this is a great start paper. keep it up!

paper said over 2 years ago ...

Thanks wombie! :)

Believe it or not this project is 2 decades in the making! lol I am simply grateful, I am healthy enough to do it, and so I do, you know?

P and I wanted to train together but his erratic work schedule is a challenge to work around. But I insisted, I argued, I cajoled and tried to convince him that we have to make time for our health. So, I found a training program for him, which I think would also interest you! :)

Who Says You Have to Run to Finish a 5-K?

As part of my 8k run, I will be running a 5k in three weeks, P is deliberating on participating as well using the Walker's Program of above link. :)

paper said over 2 years ago ...

Yes, Hegs, that would be a great idea! Even if only for 5 minutes!

You might be interested to check the link I shared with wombie. It took years before I came to this point where I am now. I am lazy couch potato! But as I wrote to you once in a comment, I simply want to feel strong, have stamina and loads of physical endurance.

I admire elderly people who are fit, not necesserily slim but fit, you know? It's been my plan for so long to start "young", if I want to get to be a fit granny for my grandkids. :)

You are in my thoughts, dear friend. Going to write you a longer private message tomorrow. ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))

paper said over 2 years ago ...

Salamat, queenie! Doing good, and I am grateful! :D

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