Update on vacation home

Well, the weather finally changed from cold to 'hold onto something' windy, so I've been working on our New Mexico house. Instead of having to buy new kitchen cabinets, I refinished the oak cabinets that were there. I sanded the doors, drawers, and cabinets down to bare wood, which took an acre of Sundays, then applied three coats of polyurethane. Turned out very nice. Last trip I put in new countertops, range, dishwasher, and fridge in black and stainless with a stainless sink.

The kitchen, bathroom lavatory, tub, shower, and laundry room all have new plumbing. I also had a new gas and water line put in from the alley to the house with an outside water cut off.

So I'm back home now and ordered another matching countertop which will be a snack bar in the kitchen. I bought four oak table legs today and when it comes in, I'll build a frame, attach the legs and take it next trip. There's still much work to do in the kitchen. I painted it last trip, but the cabinets need new bottoms and I have to build a place for a microwave in one of the large cabinets, and I have to get pulls for the doors and drawers.

My wife came over for three days at the end of my last stay and she's going over for four days for July 4th. After that, sometime in August she's going over to pick out carpet for the two bedrooms and den. We're going to keep the dining room, living room, and hall in the hardwood floors that are there.

The place is not furnished except for a couch, recliner, and tv in the den. I have a double size air matress for sleeping. We do have a table and four chairs in the dining room and it's well used for stacking crap onto. A big plus is the laundry room has a washer and dryer.

My wife - after seeing all my magnificent work, has decided she'd like to retire there. She always did like the patio and split level back yard with pecan trees for total shade.

The dogs love it there - an endless supply of squirrels, birds, and lizards to chase. It's Golden Retriever heaven.

Oh, another plus - They've never had a tornado.

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hegemone said almost 3 years ago ...

You're making me jealous, lol, I wish I could do all that stuff here, but then I know you're working your butt off for it, and to do it, and it's not all happening over night. You'll definitely deserve to retire there and enjoy it for years to come.

wombat said almost 3 years ago ...

Every time I see something about New Mexico I think: That sounds like a wonderful place to live. I am jealous, too! (no tornadoes sounds really good) Good luck in your new digs when you get all settled. And good to see you!

uniquely-learning said almost 3 years ago ...

It's so nice to read this. To see someone who is taking pride in fixing up a retirement home and enjoying it.

beyondtheveil said almost 3 years ago ...

hege - Its been a lot of work for over two years now, but its also just what I need. The trips are a great break and the work keeps me from being the dreaded couch potato. Also, I have many more friends there than here - which means lots of coffee breaks.

wombie - It is a fine place to live, especially for retirement. Cost of living is low. There are prettier places (in the Northern part of the state), but we have a river running through the town, a large lake 12 miles away, and mountains about an hour away. We are just off the edge of a mountain range, part of Lincoln Nat. Forest. You should visit the state some day. Bet you'd like it.

uni - There's still plenty of work to keep me busy for another couple years. The place is livable now, but later I'll replace windows, the outside doors and air conditioner, the workshop and carport some rebuilding. Down the road I may add a bathroom since it only has one. But all that is part of the fun.

woman said almost 3 years ago ...

How nice. I loved reading about your new home. It sounds like you are doing a great job fixing it up. That can be so much fun, sometimes stressy too so I hope you are enjoying it. Stir in some friends and it sounds just about perfect. woman

beyondtheveil said almost 3 years ago ...

woman - The only stressful part was replacing the gas line. In old homes before PVC they used black pipe for gas and sometimes galvanized for water, which both leak over time. While the plumber was working in the house, he found three gas leaks and one was in the yard which meant I had to be there for replacement and then come back for the state inspector. I'm glad that is over.

I have enjoyed the rest of the remodeling, though.

wombat said almost 3 years ago ...

I'd love to be able to visit there. I'd like to tour some of the old cities, soak up the culture-- and do alot of star gazing at night!

woman said almost 3 years ago ...

Surprises like gas leaks aren't much fun. I'm glad you had someone fix it for you. The peace of mind is worth a lot. The remodeling sounds like fun. I like to do things like that. Dad was a contractor/carpenter and I guess it's in my blood.

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