We should not let women into our universities!


I don't think women should be allowed into university unless they are willing to undergo a sterilisation operation. Why? Cause they live for 3 years at taxpayers' expense, go into a career, work hard for a bit, then have a baby and that's £25,000 of taxpayers' money to give someone a degree that's only going to be used for a short 'career'.

Lets face it, when you have babies you'll wind up not working for 2 years. And lots of people get pregnant again in that time, so that's 5 years out of work. And then when you go back you'll only do part time because you're bringing up kids. And a 30 year old in part-time employment will never do much to contribute in the world of business.

So I'm not saying we shouldn't send women to uni, I just think they should pick - career or motherhood, you aren't having both.

Vote seer for my new totalitarian Britain!!

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reckoner said almost 3 years ago ...

and you wonder why dating sites don't work for you ;)

Btw, I think parenting is equally important to a career, and an education is valuable on that front as well.

sweetsoul said almost 3 years ago ...

I don't know. Maybe men should be required to be stay at home Dads and let women go to university. Let the men choose between career and fatherhood. Just because women have to carry and deliver children doesn't mean they have to be stay at home mothers. ;)

Don't know what rock you crawled out from under, but as a mother of two grown sons and a university graduate, I've worked full-time my whole adult life and made more money than a lot of men I know. oh and been a single mother since my kids were both under 3! Welcome to my world.

uniquely-learning said almost 3 years ago ...

Yet another manifestation of your woman hating twisted mind. What the hell did your mother do to you?!

Why don't we base Uni on IQ and maturity. That would disqualify more men than women. Add that men typically become disabled more often then men. Have more time off work due to health issues. Makes it seem kind of silly to send men at all.

seer said almost 3 years ago ...

UI - my mother starved and neglected me.

d6fer said almost 3 years ago ...

Hot button post alert!


I think the real issue is this....why have free secondary education period?....let people waste their own money and they will less likely to waste it.....not that it would necessarily be a waste, but it is their decision to make.....we call it freedom in America!

uniquely-learning said almost 3 years ago ...

I'm sorry for you childhood, but maybe you should consider moving past it. Prove her abuse to not have kept you from reaching your potential. Also, quit blaming all women for one woman's demented behavior.

sweetsoul said almost 3 years ago ...

Well as the 'smug bitch', according to you, whose post above irritated you enough for you to say you're leaving Yakkstr, all I can say is don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Your post above is sexist and would be offensive to most women and some men, and yet you seem surprised that someone would disagree with you and dare to post to that effect.

My first comment was an attempt at humour (see the ;) ), by reversing the gender of your comments. My second comment wasn't meant to brag, but to show an example of one woman who went to university and had children and didn't take a number of years off and only work part-time after. Where I come, your scenario is a luxury that most families can't afford. And personally, as a divorced woman who's ex-husband paid no child support, my children would have had no roof over their head, no clothes on their bodies, and no food in their bellies if I relied on their father to provide for them. I was very glad that I had a university education so that I could provide for them.

not expecting a reply since you've left

starchini said almost 3 years ago ...

are you for real?


for example...

mom+full time job/business partner+wife= me

yakkstr is still a very small website (sorry reck) the women on here are a very random and a very small group...

could it be coincidence that the overwhelming majority of about 10 women are educated and mothers that work full time?

I think not...

freedom said almost 3 years ago ...

You are saying that women are incompetent to care for their children if they are preoccupied with anything. The majority of mothers work harder at their careers so they can give a better life to their children. I'm sorry for your past, but your past gives you no reason to be sexist.

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