Are you as stupid as Obama thinks you are?

Day after day Obama runs around the country campaigning (instead of
doing his real job), spewing lies everywhere he goes. 

Does he think Americans are too stupid to understand what he is doing?
Are you as stupid as Obama thinks you are?

He stands up and tells everyone that we should be paying for illegal
immigrants to go to college. That Mexicans should be able to freely
cross into this country and take our jobs and sell drugs and steal and
run people down and rape women while in a drunken stupor. 

He makes jokes about moats and alligators and openly refuses to 
enforce FEDERAL LAW. And he smiles as someone in the audience 
yells "racists". 

Are you as stupid as Obama thinks you are? Do you not see that he 
is simply trying to add to his voter base AT OUR EXPENSE? Are you
that stupid?

Think of everything he does. Think of everything he has done since
taking office. About all he has really done is ram a socialize 
healthcare bill down our throats that most of us did not want. Why?
So we (the taxpayers) can pay for the healthcare of his new voters
(illegal immigrants). And now he is right back to the only thing he
really knows how to do -- campaign for political office.

As I recently commented, Liberals / Democrats usually see things
ass backwards, inside-out, and upside down. But are even they as
stupid as Obama thinks we are? 

I can understand supporting your team, cutting your side a little 
extra slack, but come on. Can you honestly tell me that you do not
see what Obama is doing at every turn? He repeatedly slaps hard
working, honest, legal U.S. citizens across the face by doing or
saying whatever it takes to add to his voter base. To hear him talk,
illegal immigrants are more American than legal Americans. Does
that even make any sense? How stupid does he think we are?

I know these are some harsh words, but OMG. Just think about 
what this egotistical, narcissistic, blowhard is doing day after day.
He is wrecking our country for his own political gain and, if you
buy what he is selling, you are helping him do it.

Please tell me you are catching on, that you are seeing a pattern
of making a lot of promises just to get elected. It is one thing to
make promises you hope to keep, but cannot when all is said and
done. It is an entirely different thing when you stand up and lie
just to get re-elected, with no intention of doing anything other 
than following your secret agenda of reshaping this country in 
your socialist image.

The first thing he did after taking office (going on his "I hate
America" tour of the world) should have started you thinking
that maybe this guy is not quite what he claimed to be. His being
a little too familiar with the way Islam works should have been
another clue that maybe he is a little more sympathetic toward
our current enemies than he should be. Not to mention his ongoing
utter respect for the Quoran over the Holy Bible.

That picture of him as the Joker is all too right on in my mind. He
smiles and makes jokes on the campaign trail, but works his
sinister plan back in Washington. Does he think we cannot see
beyond the mask?

How stupid does he think we are? Are you as stupid as he thinks
you are? Ask youself that question in the voting booth in the Fall
of 2012. Ask yourself if you want to vote for some Republican
who makes promises they hope to keep even if they cannot 
because of the way Washington works OR if you want to vote
for someone who lies and makes promises just to get elected, 
with no intention of doing anything other than following his
agenda of reshaping this country in his own socialist image.

Ask yourself if you are as stupid as Barack Obama evidently
thinks you are? The future of our country, the country your
children and grand children will have to live in, depends on
your answer to that question.

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seer said almost 3 years ago ...

Obama doesn't think I'm stupid. I'm British.

d6fer said almost 3 years ago ...

No Obama hates you because you're British.....he sent a bust of Winston Churchill back to Britain as kind of a "Thanks, but fuck you anyway!" kind of move......something about his grand daddy getting his nuts squeezed by British interrogators or something.....he's an angry, vindictive little man!

sean_renaud said almost 3 years ago ...

And that means he hates them? Go grasping at straws!

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