Attack Elizabeth Warren?

I'm kind of for consumer protection, in a way I want my meat and chicken inspected. I don't want to be duped by unreadable fine print pages long to get a credit card. Is this too much to ask?

Elizabeth Warren isn't out to topple Wall Street (though there are some who would love to see that happen) or to regulate business out of business. She wants to create a situation where you understand the rules of your credit cards. You know, so that billions a year aren't bilked from consumers by that fine print.

When are people going to understand you can't turn loose people onto people? They have to be regulated.

You can't turn business loose on people. They'll steal you blind and poison you.

OK.... here goes. There are many stupid regulations. Is there anyone who doesn't know that?

So I have a suggestion. Lets keep people like the very intelligent, hard working, and REASONABLE Elizabeth Warren at the head of Consumer Protection Bureau.

Then lets create the Stupid Regulations Bureau and get rid of some regs on light bulbs and shit.

I wonder if the republicans would go for that and leave my food and rivers alone.

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reckoner said about 3 years ago ...

This really shows their true colors.

d6fer said about 3 years ago ...

I don't know who E.W. is, but I agree with the premise of your statement.....right size government.....right size regulation...moderation.

I am really growing to hate banks....at least the big ones.

beyondtheveil said about 3 years ago ...

reck - True colors is right. The only reason the reps are attacking her is their overlords want no regulation at all.

d6 - Warren is a Harvard professor who is a plain speaking and sincere woman who asked for a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and wants to run it. What she wants is a level playing field for consumers against the bastions of lawyers used to trick, swindle, and bilk the people for as much as they can get. She simply wants the people to be able to enter into contracts knowing what is expected of them.

We don't have even moderation in some regulation. The demos failed against republican opposition to control banks and the Fed and go after those responsible for the great robbery of 2008. And Obama didn't help. I am very glad to hear your consideration of the banking problem.

d6fer said about 3 years ago ...

Banks are getting very blatant with their fee fishing practices.....someone wrote me a bad check a few months ago, that cost me about 225$ in overdrafts......they batch 2 or 3 days of checks or debits and take them out from largest to smallest regardless of the order they were received....this will always result in more fees.....then they refuse to help you....their answer was for me to take my customer to small claims court....real customer service.

reckoner said about 3 years ago ...

banks are a racket.

reckoner said about 3 years ago ...
beyondtheveil said about 3 years ago ...

If you listen to the next session, Warren says Geithner and other top banking people who guided us through the crash look at the economy working from the top down involving a few people where they always have. She looks at it through a different perspective which is you must have a middle class for the economy to survive and the middle class is disappearing.

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