The future may be with women

I read not too long ago that for the first time, women are doing better than men in the math, science, and engineering at the college level. That means they excel in all areas over men now.

I just found a clip on my homepage (America at a Crossroads) that is disturbing - especially for men and can have profound implications for the future economy. They won't be ready for tomorrow's jobs.

78% of jobs lost in the recession were lost by men mostly in manufacturing and construction and some are possibly not coming back, at least in the numbers needed.

Of the fastest growing jobs in the future, only two are expected to be dominated by men - janitorial and computer engineering.

Only 40% of students in American colleges are men and women have outpaced men in graduation rates since 1982.

70% of valedictorians are girls.

High school honor rolls are dominated by girls.

Two million more women than men earned degrees in the last ten years.

I can't find any reasons given for this, perhaps because not enough time has elapsed for study. They did mention boys having shorter attention spans, but its always been that way. Some educators are trying gender separated classes and giving boys more breaks. I don't know what the hell that is - the problem can't be elementary school.

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uniquely-learning said about 3 years ago ...

It makes sense to me that girls do better academically. Men are born with the advantage of physical size and strength. Women have to use their wit to survive. Now that there are less social pressures for women to "meet a nice guy and raise a family" like good old mom and grandma, they are more likely to focus on taking care of themselves and college is a way to do that. But don't worry, we'll still need someone to kill spiders.

beyondtheveil said about 3 years ago ...

uni - The fact is that girls have always done better in 1 - 12 grades. And there are areas they have done better in college, but not all of them. There has been a huge change in the last thirty years, not only in grades but male college population and rate of graduation. I would like to know the causes.

d6fer said about 3 years ago ...

men is stoopid! ;p

starchini said about 3 years ago ...

Yea im not surprised by any of these finding either, in fact I just expected this. This is sort of a "duh" study to me : )

But I enjoyed seeing proof.

sadsack said about 3 years ago ...

I've been teaching Physics for 25 years now and I don't think there is much difference in the average intelligence between boys and girls.

The startling difference is in their approach to work. As far as I can see, the girls seem to be more hard-working and regular in their work. Boys tend to slack off and only work just before the exams. Obviously they don't do as well academically. There are exceptions of course.

I think the difference is basically that women generally, tend to be more responsible. And as uni said since the social pressures on girls to 'find a niceguy,etc' is less they can focus more on their academics and careers.

The men better watch out! :)

grapekoolaid said about 3 years ago ...

I'm perfectly happy with a little gender role reversal. I just have to meet a woman who's going to be happy with bringing home the bacon while I keep house. :P

sadsack said about 3 years ago ...

I kinda do that! Though I do much of the keeping house part, too :)

d6fer said about 3 years ago ...

I could be a "kept" man.....golfing.....gardening...tinkering in my shop....bring it on girls! ...oh....and you'll have to buy me a shop, cuz i don't have one. ;p

beyondtheveil said about 3 years ago ...

star - My wife had a similar response. I knew it was happening, just not to that degree.

sadsack - Your assessment is as good as I've seen. The tv clip did mention approach to work, hence the separation by gender being tried in some schools. But none of it explains the last thirty years.

grape - I'm doing that right now, except I did get a buyout for retirement. And I've become a damned good cook.

d6 - The first thing I did after retiring was build a shop with a shaded canopy in front of it. Looks like you and I both know what's really important.

kruuyai said about 3 years ago ...

uniquely: Hahaha! Except that I no longer allow my man to kill spiders, ants or any other living creature. I don't know, maybe it's because, with the proverbial (and very real) glass ceiling, women have had to work so much harder than men for so long to get the same recognition, pay, etc. , that it's finally paid off.

uniquely-learning said about 3 years ago ...

kru - I hadn't figured in the past work ethic required to get to the same level but I'm sure it's part of the whole picture. I don't have a spider killer, so generally speaking I've become a bug catch and release expert. It would be nice to have a bug killer, as long as he cleans up the bug mess afterwards.

d6 - I bet you could get that shop as long as you kept the house up and had hot tasty meals on the table ;)

d6fer said about 3 years ago ...

I'll do it! Sign me up....know any rich single gals into polygamy?...Cuz me and the mrs. are a package deal!(if she's ok with it...haven't asked) ;p

grapekoolaid said about 3 years ago ...

d6 - Well according to some, once you allow gay marriage, the floodgates will open and people can marry whomever and how ever many they wish! Your goat, sheep not excluded! Keep your fingers crossed! ;p

Or you can move to Utah now... ;)

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