I'm an Adult

I moved back into college. Why you ask? You're a doctor you have a home and a husband and a life?!

I was pregnant with Derek and we figured if I could work at my old college as a Residence Director and go back to school like I wanted to anyway, it would be a win win situation.

Downdside--Patrick got diagnosed with cancer. Surgery went well.

I'm not sure how everything is going to work out right now. I mean being an RD (residence director) isn't necessary because I lost Derek. Also, I'm not sure how I am going to be able to take care of him and 165 girls. It will prove to all be alright in the end. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

The RA (resident assistant) lives right next to me. She is a bright young lady and I knew where I wanted her when I saw my RAs for Morrison Hall. I am sure I will have lots of stories of Aimee in the upcoming year. She decorated the hall so nice. She had blues picked out as a theme for the baby but the blues are a nurturing color and it was fine. We added some seashells and beach pictures to make the hall look homey. What I liked was that she didn't go for a theme like movies or coffee shop just a homey feel. She is my number one RA in this building of 8. That is why I put her closest and that is why she is here so early. School starts the 30th of August the freshman move in the 26th so the 28th everyone else will move in. I am excited to see all the lovely faces of young girls who are out there loving the Lord wanting to serve them.

I found a new musical I really like called The Last 5 years. Only a husband and wife are casted. The music is not like normal show tunes. Very funny, very good.

I am going to be okay with life here. Maybe not life the relationship between Patrick and I but God will see us through.

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uniquely-learning said over 3 years ago ...

I'm not sure what to say. It sounds as if you have a lot of new changes going on. I will wish for the best for everyone involved.

silverphoenix said over 3 years ago ...

Best of luck with all the girls! And with everything all going on :)

hegemone said over 3 years ago ...

Definitely sounds like you're making a lot of changes, but that you're trying to keep your chin up and go with them well. I hope it continues to work out and you're happy with all of it.

skald said over 3 years ago ...

Good luck with the college and I am so glad to hear that the surgery went well.

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