What is the Most Important Thing in Life?

Sharing once again the Mooosing for today.

I hope you can take inspiration, like I was inspired.

Nighty nite.

Sending you all good thoughts, even though I can't send good comments (I read!)

(Just heard P call me out from the bedroom. Usually my 5 minutes translates to an hour, so perhaps he will be pleased that my 10 minutes this time is only an hour!)

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queenparanoia said over 3 years ago ...

good post paper... and oh your daughter K is getting big!!!

the most important thing in life?

life itself... weird but i love everything about life... the good, the bad, and everything in between.... :-)

ejprice said over 3 years ago ...

Great post! :) really makes me think

paper said over 3 years ago ...

Thanks, queenie!

Yes, middle-daughter is growing up too fast just like her other sisters. We are enjoying them as much as we can because their childhood is just a short period!

I absolutely love to read that you love everything about life. :)

@ ejprice ~ Thanks!

starchini said over 3 years ago ...

I wonder if my comment stuck to your link...a little red dot appeared and nothing...hmm...anyways, I said I agree with you about the most important thing in life being family : ) . And I said yours is beautiful and I thought your Christmas Tree was Adorable!

paper said over 3 years ago ...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, star, I am truly, TRULY, touched that you made an effort to comment on the blog. I am going to look at the setting and see if I mistakenly unclicked commenting for public or something like that. It would be so great to have your comment archived!!! Mooosing might be a simple, humble blog, but it is like a new baby for me, you know.

It would thrill me no end if I see your comment! Yours would be the very first, and I consider you my luck-bringer.

At this point, I am only silently building up, for something I am planning for the future. When my head is much more focus, I will share all the rest of my plans.

Again, thanks so much for the support, dear friend.

You are in my thoughts. I admire how you are handling your current situation. Keep listening to your own voice.


hegemone said over 3 years ago ...

Very nice post indeed, and reason to pause and think about it. For me, it is family and my interactions with them, to keep things moving smoothly, including my four legged members. Without them, while some days would be peaceful at first, it would be lonely, tere would be no support, and I'd be drowning in stress.

grapekoolaid said over 3 years ago ...

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the women.

So sayeth Conan the Barbarian. :D

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