What Got Into Me?

So, what did I do with the parts of my day that didn't require going to the vet, taking litters of kittens away, and inspecting fallen trees? Well, obviously I spent some time on the computer ... but somehow I also found the energy to clean. Now, I'm convinced that part of that found energy was artificial, as I stopped and got a vanilla Starbucks Frappucino from the cold section at the store as well as Full Throttle citrus energy drink. I didn't drink them both all at once, they were graduated throughout the day so I was safe with them. I don't think I'd have been able to function otherwise. Boy did I do a lot of cleaning though. Yup, still the same 'ol me, the clean freak. I vacuumed the whole house, I vacuumed under our bed, I vacuumed by the baseboards, I dusted the whole house, I cleaned the bathroom, I swept and mopped both the bathroom and kitchen, I straightened up in general, gathered all the trash and I also cleaned the litter pan and the cat bowls (water & food). I honestly have no clue how I'm not a melted pile of goo right now. I guess that's just how I deal with my stress though ... clean. How do YOU deal with stress?

My mind feels as though it wants to empty itself, so pardon me if I begin rambling ... but I think I need to do this because I'm feeling quite a bit pent up right now. I think the flood gates are opening now or something, no real clue. I tell you one thing, a nice cold beer sounds just about fantastic at the moment. OK, be right back, I'm going hunting for one. I wouldn't normally ... but screw it. Ah, there we go ... Coors Light is tasting good right now. Which brings me to my next question ... What's your alcohol/liquor of choice? (If you do not partake in alcohol, what do/would you drink while others are partaking?)

I think I seriously need a day OFF. Not just a day where I'm not at work, but a day where I'm not at work and I'm not doing something at home or the farm either. A day where I do ONLY leisure activities and nothing more. I do not get shopping done, I do not clean, I do not go help at the farm, I do not help others, I simply find activities that I enjoy and do them. I don't mean I want to go away on vacation, but just find things to do at home so as to have a sort of 'reboot'. Although going on vacation would be nice, but I don't think I quite need a 'reformat' yet. So now I ask, if you had ONE day like this, what would you do? (NO work, remember, this is purely for a leisure day, and work/responsibilities shouldn't be leisure, unless you're some kind of masochist and if that's the case, to each their own I suppose, lol)

I feel sorry for my husband, but yet it doesn't stop me from being honest with him. He's been doing a lot of little, piddly things that have just been annoying the living daylights out of me. Like, he'll do this air guitar thing and most of the time I don't care, but sometimes it makes me just want to smack him. Usually it's when he does it when he's just in my peripheral vision, and for some reason it sits wrong with me and annoys me. Also, he'll be acting all goofy, dippy, grabby and insensitive when I'm in a down mood as if I'm supposed to just play along. I'm sorry, I don't want to be grabbed when I'm upset and you deserve the resulting snarl if you're gonna insist on doing it when you should know better by now. Yes, I've bluntly told him that I don't mind when he's being goofy and trying to cheer me up ... but don't grab me, and THINK before you speak. He seems to forget the not grabbing part of it, and I'm not sure he knows how to think before he speaks. So ... what little, random, innocent things get on your nerves from time to time?

One more thing I've noticed, I've become a lot more attuned to my moods in relation to my music. Depending on the mood, certain songs appeal more to me than others and for the life of me it seems I never get to listen to a song all the way through when I'm REALLY into it, or I can't even turn it up, or whatever. It's like life's little way of going 'Bwahaha, you can like it all you want, but you're not gonna hear it!' Right now I'd like to immensely blast the song that's on right now (Nightmare by A7X, or Avenged Sevenfold)...but Dad went to bed early and he blasts his music when I'm in bed all the time, but he's a hypocrite so I can't do it to him. What are some activities or things you do in relation to your emotions?

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simplyconfused said over 3 years ago ...

Sometimes.. I just end up crying, honest! Other then that I'll try and take myself out of the situation, if I can't, I don't really deal to great... Vodka and orange juice :) If it's just alcohol straight, whiskey... and if I don't want anything strong coolers :D let me see... I would write, draw, paint, cuddle with dino to my hearts content, go for a long "nature" walk, and not talk to any family member for the whole day. Smacking when people eat.... or certain movements drives me nuts like when somebody has "restless leg syndrome", music and writing mostly!

hegemone said over 3 years ago ...

Simply - Good to see you roaming these halls with us! Wow, you're brave ... whiskey. I can't handle the stuff, makes me sick to my stomach as soon as I smell it. Sounds like you'd have a pretty nice leisure day, and I'm totally on board with the not talking to any family members for that day thing.

simplyconfused said over 3 years ago ...

hege - It's so easy to get SICK of family members!! It's kinda horrible xp

freedom said over 3 years ago ...

How do I deal with stress? I sleep, I talk about it, I read, I play guitar/sing. Most of all, I complain

My favorite alcohol... Fireball and Jack Daniel's, whiskey all the way.

If I had one day all to myself, just sit around and relax.. well. we both know who I would be with and what we would be doing.

Random innocent things. Loud eating, slurping drinks, people with wandering eyes, hmm... PEE ON THE TOILET SEAT, NUMBER ONE

Some activities I do in relation with my emotions? My music usually depends on my mood. How many people I'm talking to also depends on my mood. I sleep when I'm unhappy, confused, or tired. I write when I'm upset or frustrated with the world. I watch shows when I'm okay. AND I PLAY WITH MY KITTEN ALL THE TIME :D

Things sound shitty. To be blunt. You need to make a day like that for yourself. If your husband knows you and loves you, he will understand and let you spend a day sleeping, shopping, wandering around town alone, seeing a movie, or something else.

hegemone said over 3 years ago ...

Simply - I know, right? Lol.

Freedom - Sometimes getting it out when you're stressed is best, that way you don't do something regrettable. Ugh, yeah I should have added the pee on the toilet seat to mine too ... makes me SO mad! Animals are definitely an all around thing, and they're great when the negative emotions come up. I do need a day like that, and this Sunday was supposed to be it but now his brother is coming to the farm so we'll have to be there. When I inquired about 'What about doing nothing that day?' he said 'I still plan on doing nothing.' I don't see how. Apparently his brother is just coming over to talk, but I doubt it'll be that easy.

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