End of the World 2012

So we have a date. According to the Maya's, who've had a famous culture based on the stars, everything that happens on Earth depends on how we are affected by the other stars around us. Studying their culture now we know that these people had some very surprising facts e only discovered much later though science. All based on astrology. They loved making calendars and the major calendar they used was one with icons on it - icons with meanings they connected to major periods on Earth. One of them meant terrifying natural catastrophes, like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and such. They believed that the Earth is set to have only five cycles, each cycle ends on that icon that marks a huge natural catastrophe and it was all according to their major calendar they used. Now that calendar is about to close it's fifth cycle, and when it's matched to our calendar we use today, the last day, the one with the icon of the horror to come, falls on the 21st of December, 2012. The reason today many people believe in this theory is because there are other theories that can be matched to it, like the Doomsday predicted in the Bible. People fear that either a meteor will hit the Earth, or our solar system will go through changes that will changed the whole weather we know today. They are talking about extreme weather that is only getting worse each year. They are talking about a single event with such effect that will wipe out most human civilizations. Some talk about a planet X that it was predicted to come right into the same cycle where out Earth is...... And of course, there is Nostredamus, who also predicted some major event that will bring the Evil for the third time to us, following Napoleon and Hitler, and a third world war will erase most humans, but will then bring a 100 year peace and quiet. Well...

My son is scared to death. I am keep telling him that all this is just people talking like they always did, yet there as never and End of World. But the weather these days is not exactly helping me to calm his fears, and to tell you the truth, more and more people start looking for an answer. Including myself.

So what do you think? Really?

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d6fer said over 3 years ago ...

1st of all....If the mayans were so smart, why are they gone?

2nd....Nostradamus already missed the mark, and had predicted WWIII by 1996 I believe it was.

3rd....If you believe in the Bible...we haven't even seen the beginning of Armageddon yet and it is supposed to last 7 years....so even if dec 21, 2012 will mark the beginning of Armageddon ...it still wont end there.

So, I doubt it....people have been predicting the end of times since time began for people....and they've always been wrong....according to the Bible, no one knows the day or time.

zsuzsio said over 3 years ago ...

Nice. You just gave me some really good come backs to use with my son. I'll let you know how it went ;-)

zsuzsio said over 3 years ago ...

About the Mayans being gone though... - they were after all a primitive culture with no modern weapons, like the European new comers had. Maybe they did have a huge talent to read the stars and put meanings to their positions and such, but were unable to win over a more civilized culture, like the Spanish, British and French? Just a thought though.

Also, only as a movie freak with all kinds of plots in my mind, I could also imagine a culture who "knew too much" therefore was destined to be gone, or was punished for sharing too much of knowledge among other humans? What if they got their info from some other culture they believed to be gods? I mean, there are so many options that only need an open mind....

But you are right. I was so scared twice in my life - the night of 2000 eve, and on the day there was an eclipse of the Sun seen in Israel. I don't even know why I got so freaked out about it, but I did. I was pregnant, and out of fear I made myself sleep throughout the day so I wouldn't have to experience if anything bad happens. And I missed it!!!! So stupid.

To me your last point about Armageddon taking 7 years was the most comforting for some reason. Although, if we are looking at the weather all around the world and count back couple of years, I can see how some people take this weather as the beginning of the end. I also remember a rabbi talking about how it is in the Torah that some signs are already here, but I only remember one of them. I don't know the exact part of the Torah where it is written, but according to the rabbi it says something like one saying a word and it will be head on the other side of the world, or something like that. And he compared it to the internet. The weather was the other thing and wars and new kinds of diseases too. Now we have since discovered new kinds of flue, like the swan flue or the mad cow disease, and such..... I do know that the Jews say we are living in the generation of the Messiah.

wombat said over 3 years ago ...

I'm personally going with the psychic reading I had from someone of substance, who told me that I would live to be "an old woman."

When I asked her (in my mind) how old was old?

She tapped my hand and said, "82, Ok?" Then she said, "You need to know this!"

For what it's worth, I am ready any time, I guess, but if I go by that, then we'll all be all right for long past 2012.

Or maybe just me.....ha.

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