You can't catch me

It is God's irony to underline my horrible financial and emotional state by sending a rat into my home. Almost as if he says to me : " Here, now you really are a poor person, having have to deal with rats and all...".

I know that in fact this could have happened regardless to how much money I have in the bank, simply because I live in poor neighborhood, on the ground floor. But it happened now, when all the walls are falling on me anyway, so I think it is ironic.

It happened 4 days ago, when my son sad he saw a mouse in the kitchen sink, and that it was so funny how it ran away and "fell" off the kitchen counter to the floor, and nothing happened to him. By today I read enough about rats online to know that they can jump really high, which is an info that only made me realize how nasty these things are. That day I tried to get the "mouse" out of it hiding place, behind the stove and in between the kitchen counter and the wall. I knew he was there, cause he started screaming on a high and loud voice. I've never heard a mouse screaming, so it kind of shocked me, especially because it was so loud. Little did I know the actual size of that thing...

The next day my boyfriend put some glue traps down behind the stove, but all it did was taking some of our nasty new neighbor's hair off it's body. That is for you all to imagine how big this thing is. When I saw the hair I thought I will faint, and every time I look at it my whole body gets the goose bumps. So that evening we've put a snap trap down with peanut butter in it. First we tried with bread, but after researching the net I changed it. The little bastard must have figured it out though, cause it still sits there, some times making us all jump when one of our cats start playing with it and it snaps the cage door. Which by the way another mystery for me how those 3 cats are not catching the rat - isn't that exactly why we keep them?

Two nights ago I was up all night searching for other ways to trap the rat and I found the bucket trap idea. I saw many online home movies about how people caught rats with the trap so as soon as my boyfriend came home from work I ordered him to make one. By that time I went crazy, cause that night I saw my cat trying to hypnotize the rat by sitting in front of it and looking right into it's eyes. That is when I saw the thing and it made the hair stand on my back. I tried to get the mouse out from under the cup cabinet so I started to poke it thinking that it'll run out and my cat will catch it. But it started screaming again and when it ran out I saw it for the first time. It was dark gray with a thick naked long tail and it was huge - running around trying to find it's way out. I was sitting very closely in front of the cabinet so naturally I started screaming just from the fear it could run right on me, or bite me, or anything like that. I don't know where I got the power from, but I ripped the stove oven out from the wall, almost ripping the gas tube out too. But then I saw that huge opening on the wall, where the monster rat disappeared into. That is what kept me up all night, desperately searching for a way to catch it. So we got the bucket trap set up and for a whole night and a whole day it was up.... getting no rat trapped.

Tonight was the second night with the trap. Now we have two glue traps, a snap trap and the bucket trap set up in the kitchen corner. But the rat is not about to give in. My boyfriend says it probably not even in the house any more, but I see how my cats keep going to that spot with the opening in the wall, and starring at the wall. I know it it there, hiding, and I just hope it is not a pregnant female.

I will call the city hall today, and have them come out, but I worry about the rat poison they will put down around here. I have 3 cats and a dog that I really don't want to be killed, and I would have to have this rat die in the wall and start smelling up the whole place.

I'm keep checking the bucket hoping to see a dead rat in it...... What a nightmare!

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bluegum said over 3 years ago ...

Make sure there is no food left laying around for the Rat to feed on otherwise the rat has no reason to eat from the trap ,poison works but has its drawbacks,keep a piece of poly pipe handy to kill it with if you corner it again,your cats are to well fed i'd say ,starve them for a bit,good luck .Blue.

rollingc said over 3 years ago ...

You can always do the country mouse trap....Mobil from SC blogged about it some time back. He's a hunter and out in the country they would get a bucket and fill it halfway with water...then get a stick and a empty can which would have both top and bottom removed, leaving a cylinder shape....put a stick through it and fix it atop the bucket....spread some peanut butter on the top of the cylinder can and leave a plank fixed to the side of the bucket touching the ground so the mice would have a ramp....then leave it alone and the mice would smell the peanut butter, climb up to the edge of the bucket then jump to the cylinder and kerplunk....into the bucket they'd go and drown.

Works every time.


starchini said over 3 years ago ...

awww...thats horrible...I dont wanna rub your nose in anything but I thought id tell you my recent mouse story so you know ive been there too, but I had a lot better luck catching it.

Ironically enough, I forgot a chunk of cheese out on the counter overnight. The next morning when i went to throw it away I noticed all these crazy scratches in it and parts of it missing. I knew we had a mouse. Not real shocking, old house on the edge of town, its starting to get real cold and they try coming in. So I cleaned the kitchen within an inch of its life making sure there was no other resources for it. I set up a little mouse trap on the kitchen with the same cheese it seemed to love...Next morning it was there, dead as a rock. I set it up the next 3 days in a row hoping if it had friends theyd go too...but nothin, just the one. So my hope is that gives you some hope : ) They can be caught..

I saw a show on Nat Geo about Ney York Rats...Wow...10 pounders even, they are like small cats by themselves...I feel for ya, that would be scary. I hope you catch it and I might recommend som sharp chedder instead of peanut butter, my mourse prefered cheddar.

have you tried a live trap? There these box things, the mouse walks in to eat a feast and the door slams shut behind him. You could lure him with tons of goodies if peanut butter isnt working.

zsuzsio said over 3 years ago ...

Well, I never have food just laying around the house, but I always have the dog and cat food in the kitchen. I doubt the rat is eating that and as a matter of fact I doubt it ever comes out of that one corner, because of my cats. Although two days ago something peed on my bed, and I can just feel it in my bones that it was that monster rat. I have a new kitten in the house, who also could be the one to mark my bed as his own territory, but for some reason I think it was the rat. It freaks me out.

Rc - didn't you read the whole post? I've already set up the bucket trap! It doesn't work for some reason. I think the bucket might not be wide enough for the rat's size, and it can just sit on it's edge and eat the bait from there. Today I asked my boyfriend to make the plastic bottle even smaller, so it would be harder to get to it. We didn't use a can, but we cut a small plastic bottle up, but it shell do the same spinning motion. I also mixed the peanut butter with bleach and changed the original peanut butter with this new version both on the bucket trap and on the snap trap.

Strachini - yes, the snap trap is a box trap, and not the one that breaks the rat's neck. It is made iron and a wood stick is attached to the snaping door. I have peanut butter in there, but I think I will place some cheese there and on the bucket trap too.

Anyway, I found some of the rat poison that the city hall workers put down out side, and took it into the house. It is now right next to the bucket trap behind the stove oven. We must catch him now, right????

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