Wow ! Holidays are Kool~

The interesting thing about this last week has been the time I have had to take a look at my life, who I am. Lessons learned and many new surprises.

First day of my holidays was spent being a true vegetable! LOL I did as little as possible, detuned to the point of being sleepy! which I obviously needed.

Friday last week I was up at 5am to get ready for a film shoot by the sea. The Marlin Competition started and it was my job to cover the shoot from the ground while hubby was in their air filming. I have to say it wasn't just the gorgeous day, 630am in a park by the ocean was so refreshing, the boats as well, so pretty on a calm sea, sparkling with the suns first bright rays.

The chopper pilot did great I gotta say, usually they are not allowd to fly so low, low as in the skids were at the same level as the hulls of these big marlin boats. Got some fantastic footage. Met hubby back at the marina where he boarded a boat to catch up with the rest of the crews out on the ocean. While he was working a slog I made my way home and pleasured in the freedom of being alone.

Some might think ohh alone I'm always alone, not me. So for two days I pottered around doing chores that I normally don't get the chance to do, swam a bucket load (Weather is truly hitting summer highs now) and found the more I swam the more energy I had. So my new habit has been to rise early, get a swim in with aerobic exercises in the pool and then another swim in the afternoon just before the sun goes down. I'm hoping it will go some way into shedding some unwanted winter kilo's.

I had my sister and her boys over for dinner one night, fantastic fun that was, not too late and not too much wine either, the next morning was one of those lazy breakfast affairs drinking coffee on the balcony watching the kids in the pool.

As for today, well hubby gets back this afternoon and the competitions awards night is being held, I'm going to go, for at least the purpose of getting out a bit and seeing people! LOL I've been a real hermit. I'm sure he will be as buggered as a lizard on a hot rock when he lands home tonight and most of tomorrow will be spent getting rid of his wabbly sea legs.

I'm hoping for a weekend away, not sure where though, not allot of places take dogs so we may have to look at getting him dog sat for a night or two. I just really want to get out with hubby for a bit, do something together that is not familiar and not about work / filming. We've bother had a busy period so some real time off would do both of us the world of good.

My new glasses arrive hopefully at the end of the week, they stuffed up my sunnies apparently or they would have been ready yesterday (Shits me actually because I really could have used them this week, my eyes being so bad at night driving makes me edgy) Anyway patience and I will be rewarded I hope on Thursday, just in time for our weekend away!

Not much else is going on though, and I don't actually mind that at all. The abillity to rest my mind and to also exercise my own free will over these past few days has been long overdue and feels nothing short of a major boost to my confidence.

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uniquely-learning said over 3 years ago ...

Sounds like a fantastic holiday. The Marlin shoot would be a blast. Is it the same one that I saw past years footage of when I was there? The water where you live is so alive and refreshing. I'm glad you had a good balance of alone time and company. Maybe sis can dog sit so that you can get that non-work hubby time.

wombat said over 3 years ago ...

Aside from not knowing what "working a slog" means ( or they messed up my sunnies) me loves reading about your exciting life there with your work and your surroundings. You have no idea how much I envy you!

I do, however, understand that need for time alone to regroup and just be "you." Here's wishing you lots more time for that as needed!

(and envious of your summer weather there down under as winter "works a slog" on us here!)

Take care and be well, Lucy!

{{{{{{hugs}}}}}} from wombie

hegemone said over 3 years ago ...

It's great to read this. Definitely the free spirited, comfortable, easy going Lu I remember from first coming to the other place. Taking some time away from stress has done you a world of good I'd say, and you deserve it. I hope you have a wonderful time at the awards, as I'm sure you will. This real vacation thing (not just taking time off to catch up on work at home) sounds like a pretty good idea now, lol.

soaringraven said over 3 years ago ...

Down time, I believe, is essential to finding in life any sense of satisfaction. I think the European model is far superior to that of Americans. I am not quite sure where you Australians fall in that regard, but my impression is that you may be somewhere between the two. I have known families that have never taken a vacation. Oh, not because they couldn't afford it, but rather because they simply made their lives so busy that they couldn't find the time to get away. I have no issue with being busy, but to make one's life so busy that you fail to take advantage of the occasional respite is to fail at life in my opinion.


lucyt said over 3 years ago ...

Uni ~ Well seems we've found a dog friendly place to stay.

Wombie ~ I always miss you here!! (grrr) it's beautiful weather and I plan on enjoying it more today

Hege ~ Yes, real vacation is what is needed indeed.

Soaring ~ Wise words, I agree and it is something important to both my husband and myself. This was the point in taking time out for myself, regain the balance in a life that can be busy enjoyably so but we need to play too.

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